As you’ve probably been reading on the Black Snob, the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference is going on here in DC.  It’s probably better known as “Freak-Nik for Politicos and Professionals” but I digress.  Yesterday, I was one of several Black Bloggers here in DC that had a sit-down with Gov. Tim Kaine, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and his communication staff.  Seems that via the former Chair, Gov. Howard Dean, the DNC recognizes the importance of Black Bloggers as well as our influence; not to mention that blogs are where people who want to make an informed decision are getting their information these days.

If the “mainstream media” is to be believed, the Democrats are toast going into the November midterms, and stand to lose a few seats, if not an outright bloodletting similar to the 1994 midterms and that “Contract with America” BS, that was better named, “Contract ON America”.

Yet, according to Gov. Kaine, the Democrats are in better position than it’s being let on by the media. 

So, why don’t the public KNOW ABOUT THIS?

In yesterday’s sit-down with the Governor at DNC Headquarters, Chairman Kaine laid out what the DNC plans to do between now and November, to make sure the Democratic voice is heard over the screeching of the Tea Bag Gang, but he needs the help of Black Bloggers to get the word out.  He was pretty direct, straight, no-chaser in what he was asking Black Bloggers to do, and we got to question him about what the DNC was already doing to counteract the GOBP and the Tea baggers.

Some highlights:

The caliber of bloggers who attended.  They’re guaranteed to get the word out, but we all let the Governor and the DNC staffers know – “DON’T TRY TO PIMP US AND LEAVE US HANGIN'”

Bloggers in the flesh – Politic365 (Kristal High, Jeneba Ghatt, Navorrow Wright); theRoot (Cord Jefferson) the Black Snob (Danielle Belton and her glorious hair), LegalSpeaks (Deborah Hines) the SuperSpade (Garlin Gilchrest), TheSource (Jason Johnson); African American Political Pundit (Leon Rock) and me, representing JJP.

Those who might be considered raising hell – CPL and AAPP.  You had to be there to get Leon’s input; but yours truly had these questions for Gov. Kaine:

1.  “What are you doing to counteract the corporate media and get the story out about the President’s accomplishments?”

After all, this POTUS has accomplished more in his first two years in office than his predecessors, but given the noise coming from Fake News, one would be forgiven for thinking the Democrats are in the toilet.

2.  “Why are the Democrats running timid?”

If you have some accomplishments to show for yourself, why would you run on the defensive because Glenn Beck barks?  The Governor acknowledged that point, and only he and Howard Dean have come out publicly to say “Here’s what we’ve done, so ask the Republicans apart for obstruction, what do they plan to do if they regain the majority”?

The Tea Bag gang has already said what they’re’ going to do; shyt like repealing the 14th Amendment, and saying the POTUS isn’t a U. S. Citizen because he was born in Hawaii.

3.  “Why can’t the Democrats facilitate Party Unity like the GOP?  What are you doing to put the Blue Dogs in check?”

The Democratic Party is the “Big Tent” party, so diversity of opinions are welcomed, but it should not be the party that throws members under the bus because they vote differently than the majority of their own party. 

We spent the rest of the meeting with the Governor’s staff, but the most prolific comment came from Deborah Hines of Legal Speaks, and she said this directly to Gov. Kaine:

“The Democratic Party is not telling the STORY so that voters GET IT. You can’t throw a laundry list of accomplishments at voters and hope they’ll remember what you did.  Nor can you be aloof or out of touch with the base that got you to the dance.  It was Mayor Fenty’s downfall, so hopefully, the POTUS is paying attention.”

High fives for those comments.  It was the hammer hitting the nail on the head.

Learn how to “Tell the STORY”.  And that’s what we left the Governor with.

That’s what the Democrats need to do between now and the midterms and on into 2012.  Make the GOP tell you why they should get your vote, and make them spell it out, how they’re going to continue to be the Party of “NO”.

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