Arizona Gov. Brewer had a debate against her opponent. Here’s what happened:

Tim Wise breaks it down like a fraction:

“Gee, You’re So Inarticulate” – On the (non) Burden of Being White…
Posted on September 2, 2010

Painful to watch, but necessary: this is evidence of the clearly low standard that white folks set for ourselves when it comes to elected office. No person of color could be this damned incapable of stringing words together and get elected to anything. But for us? No problem…In Brewer’s case, for someone who is so inept at the English language, she has some nerve sweating Latino migrant labor from Mexico, that’s for sure…Bottom line: The real sign of white supremacy’s demise will be when black and brown folks are allowed to be as utterly mediocre as white folks and still gain positions of power and influence.

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