Brief intro from Jack: Hey fam, we’ve got a guest post here from Sara Haile-Mariam, a partner in good politics (I just made up that phrase!) representing a combination of efforts by Personal Democracy Forum, Campus Progress and Vote Again 2010. Well worth your attention and participation. And now, to Sara.

The February after the 2008 Presidential election, I wrote this:

“I’ve since heard that Dr. King’s dream has been fulfilled, but I think the finality of that sentiment should give us all pause. Complacency is what we have to fear, it’s what this generation must fight.”

It’s hard to believe that anyone ever entertained the notion that we were witnessing the realization of Dr. King’s dream… about as hard to believe as the present-day campaigns to repeal the 14th Amendment or to organize “Burn a Koran” days and yet, here we are. This November 2nd we’re confronted with a familiar choice. We can choose to succumb to conventional wisdom by adhering to narratives and political rhetoric or we can overcome our complacency to insist that Election Day is our day. Members of Congress may have the power to vote for or against legislation but we have the power to vote for or against every one of them. Not only that, but thanks to outlets like 10Questions, we also have the power to confront them before Election Day.

From now until next Monday at midnight you can go to for an opportunity submit, and vote on, questions to candidates running in 46 of the nation’s most competitive midterm races. On September 21st, the top 10 questions that have received the most votes for each race will be presented to each candidate, many of whom have already agreed to them via YouTube.

Fundamentally, Election Day places us in a position of power. While the outcomes remain unknown, I know one thing for sure. My personal involvement in the 2008 election was not about one person, or party, or policy, it was grounded in the understanding that our country is always counting on us to change it.

Ask questions, march this October 2nd, and vote again in 2010.

Sara Haile-Mariam is the Communications and Outreach Associate of Campus Progress. She is also a Spokesperson for Vote Again 2010, a coalition of 30 youth organizations and media partners working to turn out young voters this fall.

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