There’s an alternative to the hate- and fear-based divisive messaging of the Tea Party. There’s a group of people from every state in the nation who are red and blue. Some of them are even white! But these people are committed to civil dialogue, fact-based not fear-based discussion and civic participation rather then hyper-partisanship to solve the serious issues facing our nation.

And that’s the Coffee Party.

They are meeting for the first time in Louisville Kentucky from Sept 24-26 beginning today. Thousands of people are coming from around the country to meet in person after talking online. The Coffee Party is the biggest grassroots movement you’ve never heard of — cuz they ain’t crazy!

It’s not too late to register and participate! If you don’t live in Louisville, here’s how you can participate using the internets:

We are LIVE STREAMING the convention from Louisville starting at 8:30 AM ET tomorrow (Friday). Convention participants, both in person and via webcast can interact via Twitter (#CoffeeParty), Facebook, on our convention website, main website and on our newly created Ustream channel.  We are especially excited about livestreaming the Mock Constitutional Convention on Saturday from 10:30am-4:30pm.

Speakers include:

Larry Lessig
Mark McKinnon
Frances Moore Lappé
Dave Rauschkolb
Linda Killian
Phil Lawson
Joseph McCormick
Lt. Dan Choi
Scott Paul
Amy Kremer
Zephyr Teachout
Rich Benjamin
Billy Moyer
Elisa Batista
Dave Donnelly
John de Graaf
Jeffrey Abelson
John Feffer
Jim Rough
Col. Morris Davis
Kwazi Nkrumah
Gennady Kolker
Jim Lardner

Full disclosure: The Coffee Party is my company Fission Strategy’s first pro bono client — because we believe in civil discourse and civic participation plus truth, justice & the American way. One of my team members, Katie Saddlemire, is speaking at the convention and I’m very proud of that.

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