Um…was anyone besides me deeply disturbed about this story which broke last Thursday? From the Vancouver Voice:

Earlier today Bethany Storro confessed her infamous attack was a self-inflicted hoax.

She was taken to the Vancouver Police Department West Precinct this morning after the police went to her house with a search warrant. Cmdr. Marla Shuman said at a press conference this afternoon Storro then confessed the wounds were self-inflicted. Shuman said Storro has not been officially arrested at the time of the press conference and the investigation continues. The announcement is the latest mile stone in the Storro drama.

It was 17 days ago that Storro’s tale of being attacked with acid by a random African-American woman rocked the community and captured national headlines. It was only 8 days ago that I posted the first of three controversial online articles voicing questions surrounding the alleged acid attack.

A quick internet search will provide a plethora of commentary on the those three posts. To quote the Portland Mercury’s Dennis Theriault, “They ain’t kind.”

Yet, among the many negative comments, letters and emails; there were many supporting the decision to say out-loud what so many were thinking privately. One in particular stood out:

Dear Mr. Griffith,

I just wanted to thank you for having the courage to publicly voice questions regarding this case. I have been concerned from the beginning about its implications, both in fueling racial extremists and “random evil” social perception. The unfortunate aspect is, if the truth reveals that Bethany Storro is a troubled girl, the people who supported her so avidly will likely feel betrayed and turn on her. I hope that if that happens, you will be among the voices calling for reason, as you are now.

As ever,
Karin Malchow

Look, can we have a new rule in society? If a random, shocking and unusual crime happens to someone or their kids and they blame a random black person who came out of nowhere, can we all just suspend belief enough to investigate? I mean, Vancouver, Washington has like, no black people! The black population of Vancouver is 2.5%!!!

What is it that makes people believe that black people are uniquely capable of horrific acts like throwing acid into someone’s face or car-jacking someone’s car and driving the car full of kids  into a lake? (Remember that Susan Smith case?) It’s a deeply sick person to project racially based fears into a crime cover up lie and an even sicker society that’s willing to swallow that story with such  gullibility.

Kudos to the Vancouver Voice for conquering bigotry and asking the hard & actually kinda obvious questions. Hopefully law enforcement takes note…

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