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Teen’s video game skills create medical breakthrough

Inside of an 18-wheeler on the parking lot of Northside Hospital, doctors, high school students, and medical students are practicing surgery through the belly button, involved in a hysterectomy. Helping to teach the technique is a 15-year-old named Tony Hansberry.

The teen developed the technique that makes it possible for doctors to do delicate post-surgery stitch work with minimal complications. “Recovery is faster, complications are less, pain is less, time off of the family-off of work is less,” says one of the men running the program. For the patient getting a hysterectomy, surgery is less invasive.

“I didn’t really know it was gonna be this big, I was just doing it a science fair project,”says Hansberry on the. The teen found he could work with the machines like a pro. The project involves the same good, hand-eye coordination, he perfected in his many years playing video games. He attends Darnell Cookman School of Medical Arts in Jacksonville, Florida, which is referred to as the first magnet school in the nation with a medical curriculum.

Seasoned surgeons seem to have a general admiration and respect for the teen.
“It makes me feel good, and it also keeps me humble and makes me know that I’m doing changes. I’m just someone that was given a chance to do something great and took the opportunity.

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