What’s interesting is that up until now, the GOP has been so careful to cloak they deep unpopularity with people of color by featuring them prominently whenever possible. Thus we are forced to endure the sorry spectacles of GOP.com’s bizarre photos, Black Tea Party members, the black people paid to be on Glenn Beck’s show and the entire careers of Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas.

So the photos from the GOP’s Pledge to America specifying how they plan to take back America and destroy it all over again (except for the rich, of course) are a fascinating departure from the norm and a telling shift in tactics. I think this tells us all we need to know about who the Tea Party and GOP plan to take America back from and who they plan to give it to — the KKK. It’s pretty dang sinister and terribly honest about their real agenda. If you squint real hard, you might see an Hispanic here and one black person there. And maybe that cowboy in silhouette — that guy could totally be black maybe!

Still it’s pretty convincingly white — for certain white people by certain white people –> this particular Pledge to America. It’s got to be seen to believe. And it’s the definition of conservative — pining for an America that no longer exists — that perhaps never existed rather than building a greater America for the future.

From Jed Lewison at Daily Kos:

Republicans say that today they announced their pledge with America.

Well, after you take a look at this collage (it’s below the fold) of every person photographed in their “governing document” and decide for yourself what they must think America looks like, you’ll gain a new appreciation for what they mean when they say they want to take America back.

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