White Serial KillerUm…I’m with the Bossip — why exactly are we just hearing about a crazy white man and likely Tea Party refugee murdering black men across multiple states? How many of you think that this guy has been aroused by the crazy talk of the Tea Party and other white supremacists. He probably thinks he’s personally going to start a RAHOWA (Racial Holy War in Neo-Nazi code) that will overturn the Union somehow. Pundits like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh who spew hate and fear of an African-American led Administration must understand that there are desperate and fragile people out there who can be incited to violence.

Apparently this psycho drives a green SUV with rust and dents on the top. Spread the word. If you live in Michigan, Ohio, Virginia or states nearby, please be on the lookout. What’s amazing is that one white kid named Kyron is (sadly) missing in Portland OR and the news responds within days yet a serial killer’s rampage goes unreported for months since his targets are black men. Wow…

Here’s the Bossip:

The news did a good job of missing THIS story. A serial slasher is on the loose in Flint, Michigan and has been killing and slashing since May. His target: Black Men.

Police officers in Flint, Michigan continued their search today for a man they believe is targeting and stabbing African American men.

The attacker, who witnesses have described as 6 feet tall and Caucasian, has stabbed at least 13 people (all black men), killing five of them.

The latest attack occurred early Monday morning on 49-year-old Arnold Minor.

Minor’s sister, Stephanie Ward, described her brother’s final day on earth to Detroit news outlets. She told of the relaxed Sunday they spent with family and how he decided to walk home from their mother’s house at about 1:30am.

At some point during his 10-mile journey, Arnold Minor encountered his killer. Police say that by the time they found his body, he had already bled to death.

Some are describing the killer as a bully who seems to be preying on the vulnerable as all of the victims were smaller than their aggressor, attacked late at night and while by themselves.

While Michigan authorities have fielded reports of similar stabbings since mid-May, officials at the local NAACP branch complain that this murder is the first they’re hearing of the news.

Frances Gilcreast, local president of the civil rights organization, told reporters it’s alarming to learn about serial killings three months and 13 attacks after they began.

We hate to say it, but if someone was killing and slashing white people, there would have been a nationwide hunt by now. Why is this the first time people are hearing about a killer on the loose since May? Has the media devalued black men so much that mass murder isn’t newsworthy. SMDH. These are racially motivated murders perpetrated by some straight up cowards. Brothas… be safe.

I agree. TheGrio has a good story with more info…

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