You know JJP has had issue with the ‘WHAT PART OF IF YOU AIN’T WHITE’ Laws coming out of Arizona. Racism and Greed are as American as apple pie and hot dogs – where one is, the other usually isn’t that far behind.

What’s a profitable domestic industry in these United States?


Now, who populates those prisons?

In a lot of this country, Black folks. But, that wouldn’t be the case in Arizona. If they were looking for a growth population for the prison industry out there, they’d have to go with Latinos….and my my….wouldn’t the new ‘ WHAT PART OF IF YOU AIN’T WHITE’ Laws go hand in hand with that. Everyone’s favorite racist Governor Brewer is knee deep with the PRIVATE PRISON INDUSTRY in Arizona, as this Rachel Maddow Clip shows…..always…follow the money:

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