Troop Withdrawal from Iraq and Caring for our Veterans

First, a quick recap of the President’s withdrawal plan as laid out in February, 2009. Take a look at the following video from TalkingPointsMemo:

This week, President Obama addressed the troop withdrawal:

As a candidate for this office, I pledged I would end this war. As President, that’s what I’m doing. I brought home more than 90,000 troops since I took office. We have closed or turned over to Iraq hundreds of bases. In many parts of the country, Iraqis have already taken the lead for security. In the months ahead, our troops will continue to support and train Iraqi forces, partner with Iraqis in counterterrorism missions, and protect our civilians and military efforts. But the bottom line is this: the war is ending. Like any sovereign, independent nation, Iraq is free to chart its own course. And by the end of next year, all of our troops will be home.”

President Obama also discussed a list of initiatives directed at assisting our veterans when they come home:

“We’re building a 21st century VA, modernizing and expanding VA hospitals and health care, and adapting care to better meet the unique needs of female veterans. We’re creating a single electronic health record that our troops and veterans can keep for life. We’re breaking the claims backlog and reforming the process with new paperless systems. And we’re building new wounded warrior facilities through the Department of Defense.”

And regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

“We’re directing significant resources to treatment, hiring more mental health professionals, and making major investments in awareness, outreach, and suicide prevention.”

The President’s Weekly Address:

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