From Media Matters:

On August 10, Dr. Laura Schlessinger launched into a racially charged rant, during which Schlessinger — in her own words — “articulated the ‘n’ word all the way out — more than one time.” Among other things, Schlessinger also told an African-American caller that she had a “chip on [her] shoulder.” Schlessinger has since apologized for her remarks, but audio from the discussion appears to have been excised from the recording of that day’s show that appears on Schlessinger’s website. Media Matters has obtained full audio of Schlessinger’s comments:

Transcript at link above.

From The American Prospect comments that Schlessinger’s use of the “n-word” was “the least racist thing” about her rant:

The caller — a black woman — is in an interracial marriage with a white man, and is increasingly frustrated with the racist jokes and comments made by her husband’s friends and family. […]

To recap: Dr. Laura immediately dismisses her caller’s problems, uses a racist joke to prove her non-racism,
insists that black people voted for Obama over nothing but racial solidarity (as if pre-Obama, African Americans never voted for Democrats), strongly resents the fact that “black guys” can use the N-word but she can’t, and declares that “if you’re that hypersensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry outside of your race.” Dr. Laura isn’t known for her sensitivity, but this is an impressive display of raw racial resentment.

She never took up the woman’s issues about why she called. AFTER THIS WOMAN TOLD HER SHE WAS OFFENDED, Dr. Laura continued with her racist rant. And, that’s what it was, a fullblown racist rant. You can tell – those that have been wanting to reveal their true selves, and that’s what she revealed – her ugly ass racist self.

But, even with the ugliness exposed, who can say that they are surprised by what happened?

She is who we thought her to be. There’s absolutely nothing shocking about what she did, because if you have followed her in the least, you know what she’s all about.

Kiss my ‘Sensitive’ Black Ass about her so-called ‘ apology’.

Rev. Al’s response:

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