I read this on Daily Kos and started hollering. Hat Tip to Fossil, who’s diary I’m excerpting.  You can always wake up a Republican by hitting them in the pocketbook.

“Even Republicans say they aren’t voting Republican anymore,” the soft-spoken former technical writer says. “You have millions of unemployed people out there. If even half of them voted, they could swing a nationwide election.”

Remember, the Republicans said we, the Unemployed, were:


Didn’t want to work


and should go back to being Hoboes, like they had during the Great Depression.

Now, all that obstructionism will hopefully come back to bite them in the ass, because when they alluded to the unemployed, I think they thought they were targeting Democrats, while shooting their own Republican base in the feet.

Yeah, we’re so lazy, don’t want to work, drug-addicted and entitled, we’re not wasting time being hoboes.  Instead, according to the Washington Independent, the unemployed are organizing like a union for the mid-term elections.

People are angry at repubs calling them lazy or deficient in work ethic or skills even as they promote policies that benefit wealth over labor or create the conditions for arbitrage of labor.  And they appear to be organizing on the net.

To me this is great.  An awakening to the realization that the past 30 years of reactionary policy has sold out the American public.  I hope it destroys the urban myth that low taxes will make them rich or that free trade floats all boats.  30 million people have sunk below notice of our government and what remains of the middle class is barely afloat.  Perhaps people, thinking about low taxes and free trade are asking, in the words of a TV personality; “How is that working for ya?”

Yepper, that last comment about the “hope-y, changey; how’s that working for ya” Mama Grizzly Queen Grifter looks like its going to get turned on its head.  While the Democrats appear to be going in the right direction by tying the Tea Baggers to the GOBP (“one and the same”), I remain skeptical that some DLC Blue Dog is going to come along and gum up the works.

However, if all us unemployed vote for better Democrats and remember that we couldn’t pay our bills and the entire summer sucked because the GOBP blocked the passage of an extension of UI benefits, maybe we can get a more responsive government working for us, the American people.

Remember when I said this?

And when I’m back on my feet, I will make it my PERSONAL mission to personally target each and every Democratic Senator who helped the ReThugs block unemployment benefits and continue to engage in the ugly secret of continued VICTIMIZATION.  If that’s the best these mofos can do in representing our best interests, maybe unknowns like Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene will start to look better and better to US. 

My post got tweeted and picked up by those very internet blogs doing this organizing.  So, I’ve contributed a little, but, boy, am I ready to fire it up for more!  I’ve already signed up with their activism blogs (google: SUPPORT FOR THE UNEMPLOYED and several sites will appear, suggesting organization, newsletters and listing the Congress members who blocked the benefits, while paying homage to BP.)

I said I refused to go out THAT EASY. 


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