Like we didn’t know that already.  Here’s some excerpts from his piece on identifying racism (Hat Tip, Daily Kos).  Most POC already know how to identify it – because more often than not, we’re subjected to it.  But I think Mr. Wise is saying his white bretheren want to act like they don’t know when they’re being racist, while using code words to get their Ferrarro on.

Needless to say, when so many people understand racism differently, it can complicate the ability to meaningfully converse about the subject, let alone to do something about it. If you think racism means one thing, while I’m convinced it means another, we’re not likely to agree as to how we might respond to it, since we aren’t seeing the same problem in the first place. (Emphasis mine)

And don’t you just love when he calls out the Tea-Party Gang:

To those who oppose the group’s activities and positions (and I include myself as one of those), it isn’t difficult to see racism as one element of their movement. When people come to rallies with overtly racist signs, or send around blatantly racist e-mails to their friends comparing the President to an African witch doctor or the First Lady to a gorilla, or suggesting that the president should “go back to Kenya” (from whence they naturally assume he comes), only the most willfully ignorant could deny that racism is operating (1). (Emphasis Mine)

That would include the Black Members of the Tea Party Gang.  You have to be the most willfully ignorant to deny that most leaders of the Tea Party movement are blatant bigots and look for any means to get their bigotry on, without being CALLED an ACTUAL BIGOT.

Oh, yeah; you don’t consider them to be bigots because they’re not openly calling you “Nigger, Boy, Gal, Missy, or Uncle Ruckus” to YOUR FACE.

And this might be over the heads of those who don’t have at least a GED:

At the ideological level, racism can be defined (and is, typically, without controversy) as the belief in the superiority or inferiority of a given group of people, where the source of that superiority or inferiority is deemed to be the “race” of the group: either due to some genetic, biological or perhaps cultural tendency specific to the group in question.

Y’all pray for this brotha (and yeah, I called him a “brotha”) ’cause the wingnuts are going to be gunning for him.

And for those on the left; you so-called “progressives” that you consider yourselves because you pulled the lever for the POTUS – more likely than not, the FIRST TIME you EVER DID THAT – well, Mr. Wise will be calling you out, too, on Part II of this diary. 

I fully expect PUMA heads to explode because Mr. Wise is not going to be anything NICE.

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