I agree with Jed Lewison over at DKos. Harry Reid’s campaign may have come into the race for Nevada’s senate seat a bit battered and bruised. But he’s got to be able to rise above this. Angle spouts some typical Tea Party nonsense which would be almost amusing if she wasn’t trying to become a senator. The most troubling to me was her repeated insistence that Americans are afraid of their government and should be prepared to use “second amendment remedies” — in other words, overthrow it. This is treason talk. It is illegal to advocate for the violent overthrow of the government, fyi.

She also has some opinions that don’t really jibe with the Constitution she’s so keen to uphold. She also believes that abortion for rape, incest or the health of the mother should be outlawed. When asked if a 13 year old child should have to bear the child of her own father, Angle says that God will take care of it. She also wants to dismantle Social Security and Medicare. She’s like a less hot Sarah Palin with none of the showmanship. Just a pasted on smile and plenty of ignorance to spare.

Here’s more from Jed:

  1. Angle called for the privatization of Social Security and Medicare. (I didn’t include this in the highlight reel as the section was too long to condense. Watch it here.) <– Jill says: oh it’s hilarious, do watch…
  2. Angle said she opposed extending jobless benefits because they’ve “spoiled our citizenry” and kept people out of the workforce.
  3. Angle mistakenly endorsed Harry Reid’s job’s bill, having clearly never heard of it before.
  4. Angle said “people are afraid of their government” and that “of course” they “need to” arm themselves to protect liberties from government tyranny.
  5. Angle said the constitution does not create a separation of church and state.
  6. Angle said she opposes abortion in all cases, including rape and incest. Inexplicably, she said the only reason she wants to make it illegal is that Roe v. Wade made it legal. (I guess she meant that if it was already illegal she wouldn’t want to make it illegal again, because it would already be illegal?)
  7. Angle endorsed making Nevada’s Yucca Mountain the nation’s dumping ground for spent nuclear waste because she says it has been safe. She said Nevada should stop fighting the plan to dump the nation’s nuclear materials there.

I haven’t seen her say anything racist, but you know these types of beliefs — especially the concept of lazy “spoiled” people receiving unemployment — usually walks hand in hand with racism. Note to Sen. Harry Reid — try to poke around her record there. I’m confident she’s sitting on some typically toxic tea party thoughts about the black and the brown that need to surface and fast…

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