Amy Goodman invited a few Bay Area CA residents who happen to be black and wired me to sit down with her to talk about social media and what it means for building powerful communities online. Here’s the video (also below). Among our topics were the rise of black bloggers, the heavy presence of African-Americans on twitter and how we’re using social media to self-organize and flip the script on how issues like Oscar Grant’s shooting and the Mehserle trial are covered in the media. Let me know what you think!

Using Social Media to Build Community…and Resistance

We broadcast from Las Vegas, the site of the Netroots Nation convention, where thousands of people have gathered and social media is the watchword of the day. We host a roundtable discussion on social media with Aimee Allison, founder of OaklandSeen; hip-hop journalist and activist, Davey D; and Cheryl Contee, aka Jill Tubman, co-founder of the political blog “Jack and Jill Politics.”

Aimee Allison, Bay Area radio host and producer of the daily KPFA Morning Show founded the innovative local media project OaklandSeen

Davey D, hip-hop journalist and activist. He runs the popular website Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner at He is co-host of Hard Knock Radio on KPFA in Berkeley.

Cheryl Contee aka “Jill Tubman”, co-founder of the political blog Jack and Jill Politics. She’s also on the board of directors of Netroots Nation

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