Addicts LOVE those who allow them to STAY IN THEIR ADDICTION

How many of you have ever dealt with an addict?  Been friends with one?  Perhaps, you may have an addiction, and have yet to realize the signs of being an addict.

Sooner or later, one gets tired of the addict saying “I’ll quit tomorrow” or “I can change” or “I’ll get help” and never does, so we tell the addict to get out of our faces until he/she actually deals with their addiction.

Hell, the A&E channel and the Discovery channel has shows devoted to people in addictions and the family members they hurt with their addiction until those family members tell them their crutch is being removed, and either they get help or crash and burn.  THEIR CHOICE.

However, this blog post is not going to be about addicts.  Not literally, but as a metaphor.

I responded in the Open Thread section to a comment from SouthernGal2 – who gets the hat tip for inspiring me to take my response and front page it.  Some background – SouthernGal2 commented that all the wingnuttia we’ve been seeing on Fox News (aka “Fake Noise”) is the “breakdown” of the news organization.

I responded this way:

I think it’s more accurate that Fake Noise is Overdosing on it’s own bullshyt and like a junkie, they’re still trying to get the euphoric high they got when they first went bigot.

The more bigotry they inject into being a news organization, the less effective the “hit” is. Now it looks like they need a 12-step rehab to be taken seriously again as a news organization.

Sadly, CNN or MSNBC didn’t look at the downward spiral that Fake Noise is one, and likewise, they will soon Overdose on their own bullshyt as well.

Just like the Klan wore out their welcome with too much bullshyt (blowing up churches with four little Black girls in Sunday School; yet they all considered themselves “Christians”), the media propagandists at Fake Noise are wearing out their welcome as many more of their viewers get their cable turned off because they’re unemployed, haven’t received UI benefit checks in over six weeks, and can’t pay the cable bill to continue watching Fake Noise spew their shyt.

Being broke will wake ANYONE UP, even the sheeple that get their news from Fake Noise.

Well, consider that Megyn Kelly lost her damned mind the other day when Kirsten Stewart called out Fox on the New Black Panther Party issue THAT WASN’T.
Or how everytime Glenn Beck opens his yap about the POTUS, he accuses the POTUS of being racist, and makes fun of how the FLOTUS dresses.  Yet, it’s BECK who keeps bringing up this shyt, and we’re supposed to believe he’s a Christian.
Don’t make me throw a rock at his ass.
And now that there really is an African-American in the White House, I’ve seen the media actually GET OFF on anything that connects bigotry to this POTUS, and Fake Noises leads the way, with CNN and MSNBC haven’t learned a damned thing about how dangerous an addiction really IS, and following them down the same path.  Anything the POTUS has accomplished gets 5 minutes of coverage, followed by 45 minutes of racial spew. 
Health Care Reform, Financial Reform,  = 10 Minutes of coverage, followed by 40 minutes of some GOBP wingnut flapping his yap about how he’s going to block it, but not before his own district gets the benefit (I see you, Eric Cantor).
Michele Bachmann (R-Chief Princess Wingnut) wants to start a Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives, with herself as the Chairwoman.  To show you how nutty this is, is she not aware that the ReThugs are NOT in power at present?  That the caucus would be in the minority until at least the November elections?  And how many GOBPers in the House REALLY want to go and be PUBLICLY associated with this nonsense?
Yet, Fake Noises covered it like Bachmann single-handedly is passing legislation and leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  Ai, yi, yi, Minnesotans – if you can send Al Franken to the Senate, surely you can replace Bachmann this Fall?
They won’t notice how addicted they have become.  Not until they’re caught up in it and they find the masses have turned off their television sets because we can’t take it anymore.  It’s why we turn to the internet, or other alternative media, to get our information.
It’s also what drives corporate media crazy – that people might ACTUALLY be intelligent enough to look for their news sources ELSEWHERE. So Fake Noises, CNN, MSNBC and other corporate owned media have to engage in these Orwellian tactics to hold their puny viewership by blasting 24-hour coverage on anything that facilitates and encourages the stereotypes, the bigotry, the racism, and far too often, there’s a Thomas Sowell; an Alan Keyes; an Angela McGlowan; a Stephen A. Smith, a Star Parker, or a John McWhorter, along with Tim Scott (SC- Congressional Candidate), or a buffoon plant like Alvin Greene all too willing to help them in their addiction.
Remember when you were a child and you wanted to do something foolish, or dangerous, and your parents told you “No”, but your response was “So-and-So’s doing it”.
What was your parent’s response?  Mine’s was “If Gladys jumps off a bridge, are you going to want to jump off the bridge, too?”
Shut me up, everytime.  And Gladys usually got her ass whipped for whatever it was she was trying to get me to do.
Same way with CNN and MSNBC.  Just because you see Fake Noises engaging in bigotry and stereotypes, are you going to do the same thing in order to churn up ratings?  Face it, if it wasn’t for Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, none of us would watch MSNBC AT ALL.
We only watch CNN to catch a glimpse of Roland Martin breaking out cans of whip-ass on some fool that needs it, and usually, it’s one of US.
We must call an addiction what it IS – ADDICTION.  And like any addict, Fake Noises, followed by MSNBC and CNN, is CHOOSING to engage in their ADDICTIONS.  It is only a matter of time before Fake Noise, with MSNBC and CNN following them, wanders too far off the corporate plantation and steps so far into it, that only a 12-step program will be able to bring them back to any sanity they might have left.
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