Way to stay classy.  From U. S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s DKos Diary:

One day, a Republican operative offers $100 to anyone who’ll punch me in the nose.

The next day, I get a death threat.

After Fox News spewed its usual clownish hatred about me yesterday, my office received a call. The caller told our receptionist – a young intern – that “10 people are going to kill the Congressman within 24 hours.” We gave the information to the Capitol Police; they are investigating.

Fox. You’d think that they would have learned their lesson after Dr. George Tiller was killed. And they did learn a lesson: a lesson in killing.

And why? Because I told the truth: the truth that by stalling on unemployment insurance, right-wingers revealed themselves to be heartless, selfish wretches, who have been taking food out of the mouths of children.

To Grayson’s credit, he said that if anyone tries to punch him, they’re going to get a knuckle sandwich.  LOL.  Grayson may also want to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights and start packing heat until someone is arrested for threatening him (I understand it is a felony to threaten an elected Federal official, but someone correct me to be sure.)

Same old shyt.  When the GOBP thugs can’t argue on anything of substance, they resort to bullying and violence to get their way.

When you can’t discredit a venerable organization like the NAACP – you make up shyt to discredit them, and in turn, discredit the Administration of the first African-American POTUS.  In the past few days, I admit to being angry, because Shirley Sherrod is ME, and any other sista who is in the trenches trying to do the right thing.  Why the other hostesses at “The VIEW” didn’t slap the taste out of Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s mouth for trying to concern troll in attacking Ms. Sherrod this morning goes beyond the pale (I quit waiting for Whoopi to do anything, since she’s always defending pedophile rapists (Roman Polanski) or anti-Semetic, racist engagers in domestic violence (Mel Gibson).

When you want to get a community organization defunded and disbanded, because one of the things they do is make sure POC are legally registered to vote, you make shyt up about them, too.

And Fake Noises (I refuse to call them a news organization) not only aides and abets the Brietbarts of the journalistic world, they are woefully complicit and dares anyone to call them on their shyt.

Does another innocent person has to be fired; or an organization be shut down; or an abortion doctor MURDERED before the media will engage in their own Circular Firing Squad and ask Fake Noise and Rupert Murdoch, “Sir, have you NO SHAME?”  What has to happen before we can see the shut down of this propagandist organization worthy of the Third Reich, and looking more like something out of George Orwell’s “1984”? 

Fake Noises is the McCarthy Witchhunt Propaganda Organization.  Not a News Organization. Let’s keep that clear.  Andrew Breitbart needs to have his shyt taken from him IN A COURT OF LAW.  Let’s be clear about that, too.  And I understand Ms. Shirley is going to do JUST THAT.

Lest we forget, the owner of Fake Noises,  Rupert Murdoch, who is allowing the stirring up of the shyt pot on patriotism, is an AMERICAN CITIZEN who forfeited his Austrialian citizenship in order to be able to own media outlets here.  Think about THAT.  An Austrailian comes to America and turns upside down what used to pass as the 4th Estate of our land – the MEDIA, because he’s a vile, bigoted pig – who makes Austrailia look bad for having spawned his ass; and he wants to get phat PAID for being a vile, bigoted PIG.

So much for the “truce” that was allegedly negotiated between him and the Obama Administration:

In early summer 2008, a “tentative truce” was brokered during a once secret meeting between Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes (President of the Fox News Channel) at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York.[47][48] Obama had initially resisted Murdoch’s propositions, despite senior News Corp. executives having recruited the Kennedys to act as go-betweens.[48]

In the past few days, I have seen what it REALLY GOING ON.  And while President Obama is not to blame, he does bear some responsibility for failing to protect his flank and making his Achilles’ heel known to the enemy.  The knee-jerk reaction of Tom Vilsack, with White House backing (I know the WH is saying they didn’t pressure for the resignation, but in this instance, I’m believing Shirley Sherrod – she has no reason to lie) exposed a major weakness of the POTUS, and that is his reluctance to take a stand or be willing to discuss race in a comprehensive, tactful and difficult way.

BTW, has anyone seen or heard from Vilsack’s undersecretary, Cheryl Cook – the cow that blew up Ms. Sherrod’s cell phone and told her to pull off the road and text in her resignation?  Unlike Osama bin Laden, I think Ms. Cook will be easy to find – they just better not try to deal with her ass in private, when they were so PUBLIC about firing  Ms. Shirley.

If he has trouble, that’s where a Shirley Sherrod comes in.  She can help and equip this brotha to be courageous to takethe matter of racism on head first.  A beer-summit ain’t going to cut it.  Racism has not gone away because this nation elected an African-American to the Oval Office, so America needs to quit patting herself on the back.  Personally, I think the POTUS was elected because if he lost, the rest of the world would call America a racist nation – one so racist and bigoted, they couldn’t get past that to elect a POC to the White House.

Mr. Obama’s election was not the end to racism – on the contrary, it heated up the pot, and is spilling over to where any Congress member daring to tell the truth, and stand up to the bullying , as Alan Grayson did, now receives DEATH THREATS.

Who promoted the TEA PARTY?  Who continues to give the microphones to anyone spouting racist, bigoted bullshyt on the air waves?  Who continues to hand over a platform to incite 25% of this nation to acts of sedition, violence and tells them that it’s their GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to do so by any means necessary?

FOX CHANNEL aka “McCarthy Witch Hunt Propaganda Organization”.  Repeat, Rinse, and Spit.

All the way to the Midterms and beyond, if necessary.  Think of John Boenher replacing Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, if you need motivation to do something.

When an elected official is shot and killed….ah, jeez, I don’t want to GO THERE.  And Unca Clarence and the Supreme Court has ensured that Fake Noises can keep this shyt up.  I have no faith that these buffoons on the Roberts Court will actually do their Constitutional duty and uphold THE LAW.

Death Threats, Courtesy of Fake Noises.  And I’m not going to ask if it can get any worse.

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