Seems some bridges have been burnt. Again. I ain’t defending them. Not entirely anyway. The NAACP’s only defense is that they stumbled into the same trap as the White House, the USDA and the mainstream media. I do give the NAACP credit for reversing their position and admitting their error. It’s more than the Shirley’s former bosses in the Administration have done so far.

Ben Jealous is still young and apparently still a little green to the ways of the vast right wing conspiracy, unlike you and me, seasoned from years of battle. I don’t think he should resign (as other bloggers have called for), but hopefully this has been a sobering lesson for him and his new team. That said, the NAACP’s got a clean up on Aisle 5 where it comes to black bloggers who were heartened by their strong stance on Tea Party racism. This would be a good time for the NAACP to kick up its outreach to black bloggers whose communities represent a new generation and the kind of people who used to join the NAACP once upon a time…Shirley Sherrod represents the people who are still members so they’ve got their work cut out for ’em.

Field Negro had this to say:

Last night I said I would start sending my money to the NAACP again. Well, I might have to rethink my position. If these Negroes aren’t smart enough to vet an entire video before they make an important statement, how can I trust them to advance the cause of civil rights?

Come on people, this is a serious propaganda war you are fighting with the folks over at Radio Rwanda, you can’t just let them dictate the terms each battle. You have to fight fire with fire.

African-American Political Pundit references What About Our Daughters, Anderson at Large, and Booker Rising:

The National President of the NAACP is disgrace and a sell-out and should consider resigning as President of the NAACP. He is part of the new crew of colored people advancing their own agenda, not a black empowerment or capacity building agenda.

I agree with Gina at the blog What About Our Daughters who writes, “The NAACP is really the NAAMCP (National Association of Male Colored People). Tell me how the NAACP’s male President starts some MESS with tea partiers and a Black woman ends up being the one to lose her job? Not only do they only appear to mobilize solely for the benefit of humans with penises, they have a proclivity for throwing Black women UNDER the bus and then shanking them in the back.”

President Barack Obama should also consider requesting the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to resign as well.

I’m glad to hear that their are a number of coalitions supporting Ms. Shirley Sherrod, at least they are showing more character than the “NAACP President Ben Jealous” which had originally condemned Sherrod’s comments, and worked to destroy her. Now the NAACP is involved in the Cover Your Ass (CYA) strategy of blaming the white media for their own rush to judgement.

Now the fake ass national office of the NAACP is acting like they were used by Fox News and Andrew Breitbart, claiming they had “snookered” the NAACP and the media. Whatever, NAACP!

It’s interresting that the NAACP would attack this strong black woman, without checking the facts. In a rush to judgement, yet, The NAACP and Barack Obama just recently supported the head of the former West Virginia head of KKK, who served in the United States Senate for the great work they said he did for America – Whatever!

There are some black bloggers who are willing to give the NAACP a pass. Not me!
You see the NAACP has been getting passes, for the past 30 years. This is the same NAACP who accused Wells Fargo and HSBC of forcing blacks into subprime mortgages while whites with identical qualifications got lower rates. This is the same NAACP that filed lawsuits  against Wells Fargo and then dropped the law suit against them in order to gain sponsorship for their national convention. The NAACP has no credidabilty in the black community, other than putting on somewhat wacked image awards.

Thank you Faye Anderson, of Anderson at Large and the great folks at Booker Rising for following this issue.

UPDATE: The NAACP is asking the Obama administration to rehire Ms. Sherrod. This is one of the many reasons why the NAACP President should resign. First they attempt to destroy a black woman’s career, then they say, oops.. the white Fox News Network made us do it…. what a disgrace…
I have been pointing out the disgrace of the NAACP for sometime.

I agree with Ms. Sherrod when she said,  “I’ve done more to advance the causes of civil rights in this area than some of them who are sitting in those positions now with the NAACP.”

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