Once again, I’m leading the African-American Caucus at Netroots Nation today. The caucus is open to black folks and those who love them.

If you’re here at #NN10, I hope you’ll join us for this always impactful session of sharing.

It’s at 1pm in Miranda 5 here at the Rio in Las Vegas.

This year, we’re going to kick things off with a few words from Majora Carter, environmentalist and Bronx native. (her famous TED talk re: Greening the Ghetto video above)

Then we’ll get a report about the first ever bloggers of color meeting at the White House. We’ll talk about the growing prowess and access of black folks online. Then we’ll swing around to give the Obama Administration a grade and chat about the midterm election.

For those who can’t be here in person, what would you say if you were here with us? What questions should we be asking and what topics do you think are most critical to cover? I value your input so lay it on me!

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