I’m so excited! Last year’s Blogging While Brown conference was a revelation. I talk to bloggers and about blogging all over the country on a regular basis. Still, this conference for me was like coming home. It was great to be surrounded by people just like me. So many of the bloggers there I admire greatly and there were some who told me that Jack and Jill Politics was one of their favorite blogs. I was so inspired, made amazing connections and learned a lot from folks who are truly peers. The peeps at BwB comprise the best of Black America IMHO — people who are using cutting-edge technology to cut across boundaries, build powerful audiences and in some cases, create strong businesses. Each person in the room is a leader in his or her own right.

Blogging While Brown is the brainchild of Gina McCauley — my hero and the publisher of What About Our Daughters? and Michelle Obama Watch. It was a brilliant idea and is now the premier conference for African-American bloggers. Here’s how tech blog Mashable described it:

June 18-19, 2010, Washington D.C.: The third annual Blogging While Brown Conference gives Bloggers of Color an opportunity to meet, network and learn about the latest technology to assist them with creating and distributing their content. During tremendous economic uncertainty and evolving technology, maintaining cutting-edge skills and strengthening relationships are more important than ever. As digital media content creators and distributors, bloggers rest at the intersection at some of the most challenging policy issues of our time, including broadband internet access, net neutrality and an evolving business environment for content providers. Register today and save 10% with promo code BWBMASH2010.

This year’s conference in Washington DC promises to be even bigger, better & blacker than ever. Blogging While Brown is nearing capacity so I’d highly suggest signing up now. The theme this year leans strongly on the future of blogging. Some folks approach their blogs as a business and you will definitely learn more about that. Others come to the conference to understand the technology better and keep their blogging on the cutting-edge to continue community. You can add me in the latter camp: JJP accepts ads but only began doing so during the 2008 election as the costs of just running the server & maintaining the site increased. Finally, many folks come because it’s an amazing community — you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful, brilliant and motivated group of black folk on the planet. Last year, I came for the speakers and this year, I’m coming for the community. I’m also honored to be a member of the BwB Advisory Committee this year.

Join us. I’ve always been amazed at the caliber of folks reading JJP — I’d love for even more bloggers like you to attend. There’s a bloggers’ boot camp on Friday — great if you’re just getting started or want to sharpen your tech skills. Also, Friday night at the W Hotel rooftop, the ladies will be gathering for drinks. On Saturday, the big games begin and there’s an incredible lineup of speakers. The video above mentions a few of them. Both Baratunde Thurston AKA Jack Turner and I will be speaking this year and we couldn’t be more delighted. There are a couple of special surprises for registrants that we’ve arranged — but you have to sign up in the next day or two to benefit. Hope to see you there! And for those who can’t attend, I’d recommend following the action on Twitter — track hashtag #bwb, follow @bwbconference for updates or just search for “blogging while brown” in twitter – you’ll see that the buzz has already begun!

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