The Face of Traitors

Woe unto any Black Politician who feels entitled to getting the African-American vote just because, well, you’re an AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

My colleague, Rikyrah, has already shredded up Artur Davis, and his sound defeat by Ron Sparks for the Democratic Nomination to run for Governor of Alabama.  Davis, like his boy Harold Ford, and Al Wynn before him, lear€ned the lesson the hard way that Black people are no longer going to vote for you because your skin is the same color; nor are they going to allow you to take their votes as license to screw over the people who elected them.

Artur, Harold, Al and any other Black Politician who tried to pave the way as “New Black Leadership” (which translates into “I’m a good darkie and I will keep the other darkies in line”), got sent a message with this vote, and Harold’s Senate race before that, and Al Wynn’s defeat at Donna Edwards’s hand inbetween.

As a commenter on DailyKos posted: “In the end, it’s not the skin color; the issues will come FIRST.”

I honestly think that these guys went to Congress and believed that their safe, majority African-American districts, were either too ignorant of the way Washington works, or too apathetic about political issues to care.

They thought WRONG.

While we don’t have to tweeze out what happened to Artur, with Weird Harold and Big Al, some discussion is merited, so bear with me.

In Al Wynn’s case, his mostly Black Prince George’s County District, and diverse-mixed Montgomery County District, got fed up at him being owned by Big Energy and taking Bank payola, while their houses were being lost to foreclosure, and sub-prime mortgage ripoffs, while job losses tripled and he sat in Congress voting against all legislation that would have helped his district, economically and morally.  When Donna Edwards confronted him on the issues in 2006 and 2008, all Wynn could do was call her a lesbian, and have his staff pick fights with her supporters (one of whom was a 71-year old man).

PG and Montgomery counties get fed up.  In 2006, Edwards threw her hat in the ring, with no money, and damn if she didn’t pull a near upset of Wynn by raking in 48% of the vote with just six months of campaigning under her belt.  She built on that and got the primary in 2008.

Wynn, being the sore loser that he was, quit office with six months remaining on his term.  So Donna got to Congress six months earlier than expected.  Wynn is now employed with the biggest Energy lobbyist in DC and has gone underground for the most part.

So much for that…elected official.   On to Weird Harold.

Weird Harold has been politically diseccted many times on this blog; his latest perfidy being the audacity to move to New York and believe he could challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democratic Nomination for the U. S. Senate seat she currently holds.  Again, Harold believed Harlem was going to turn out for his ass – but he didn’t reckon on upstate New Yorkers giving him the “Talk To The Hand” gesture.

New Yorkers are sharp as tacks.  They smelled what Harold was cooking 2000 miles away and shut the door to let the fumes out.  Fresh on their minds was his Senate defeat to Bob Corker back in 2006, plus the fact he just moved to New York in 2009.  Additionally, I also think his association with Merrill Lynch and Wall Street may have pissed off New Yorkers, too.  Fresh on the minds of Tennesseans was his lackadaisical representation of his Memphis District for 10 years.  His father, Harold, Sr., was initially against him giving up a SAFE congressional seat to run for State-wide office, and advised him as such.  And given that Harold had a better chance in Tennessee than Artur did in Alabama – he lost by only three percentage points to Corker, so there were some Whites in Tennessee willing to give him a chance; he didn’t get the cans of whip-ass broke out on him like Artur did.

Unfortunately, that 3% he lost was in his own District of Memphis!   I guess that story about Harold, Sr.’s mama being half white didn’t go down too well with Black Memphians, and they stayed home. Furthermore, after his defeat, he brought out the white fiancee he hid like dirty laundry during his campaign – portraying himself as a carefree bachelor in the mode of John F. Kennedy when he ran for the Senate back in 1952.  “Jack Kennedy – the Senate’s Gay Young Bachelor” (back when “gay” meant “Happy” and not related to sexual orientation); well, Harold tried to play off his alleged single status  in the same manner.  Most of his voting base had been in America longer than three days and weren’t born yesterday.  They were NOT FOOLED.

In all three instances, these men believed their majority, safe, Black constituencies would ignore how they used their respective offices for personal political gain, while casting or supporting egregious legislation that screwed over their districts in ways that could not be excused, or forgiven.  A core group of concerned citizens started CBC Monitor, and developed the CBCMonitor Report Cards for the very reason of exposing any Congressional Black Caucus member who voted directly against the interests of the districts sending them to Congress every two years.

Imagine my surprise when I attended a media conference in Memphis back in 2007, and learned that at least 25% of the people I spoke to voting for Harold Ford, JUNIOR, believed they had been voting for Harold Ford, SENIOR for the past ten years!  And I believe that Harold, JR., continued to count on that pattern of voting until the CBCMonitor Report exposed him in 2005.  Even Harold, Senior was considered more progressive in his legislative voting  record than his own SON.

You don’t have to believe me.  You can go to and check out Harold, Sr’s voting records and compare them to Uncle Junior’s and see what you get.

Additionally, all the Black Politicians I’ve listed here used to belong to the infamous Democratic Leadership Council – you know, that group of Democrats that really were Democrats in Republican’s Clothing and fooled everybody.  The only claim to fame they can name is the election of Bill Clinton to the White House in 1993.  Since then, there has been a widespread LOSING record of every political office at every political level.  Their ineptitude facilitated the wholesale takeover of both houses of Congress in 1994 and ushered most of the mess that is attempted to be cleaned up for the last sixteen years.  Deregulation, tax cuts for the rich – you name it; they voted for it.

Their belief was to find a way to be elected as a DEMOCRAT, while courting conservative values that went against anything PROGRESSIVE.  And for the past 15 years, the Congressional Black Caucus provided cover for these…elected officials by never acting as a collective body to protest damning legislation.  I remember Mel Watt (D-NC), who was the Chair of the CBC, telling me that the Caucus would NEVER take a unanimous stance on any legislation if there was not 100% unanimity among the Caucus.  And the ones often holding up that “Unanimity” were none other than Ford, Wynn, Davis, David Scott, and Sanford Bishop (D-GA)

After the CBC Monitor Report cards were published, and many political activists began to email me and my collegue, Dr. Jared Ball, about how to use the Card to facilitate primary challenges to Scott, Wynn and Davis, the only one who had enough sense to see which way the winds were blowing in his district was David Scott.  He cleaned up his voting record enough to now sport a “B” average on his voting record.  Wynn cleaned up his act, briefly, but it wasn’t enough to overcome his defeat to Donna Edwards.

In the end, the Black polity is more educated and more astute about the political issues that greatly concerns them.  We no longer vote for the Black Man/Woman because of their race.  I think Unca Clarence Thomas cured Black people of that notion every time he votes against Civil Rights issues on the Supreme Court.  Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell made us think more about supporting a Black politico if the skin tone didn’t match the political issues.  At long last,  it is becoming apparent that we will no longer vote for a Black politican just to have a “Black Face In a High Place”, with “New” Black Leadership that leads Blacks on the pathway to Hell.

 And it is a lesson that current and future Black politicians would do well to heed.

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