Somebody got pass that photo ban BP had on its effect on Wildlife in the Gulf.  Hat Tip Americblog:

I’ll just copy the caption that read over at Americablog: “I’m Sure This Pelican Would Like to Have Its Life, Back, too.”

Charlie Riedel of the Associated Press has more shocking photos at the Boston Globe website.  They’re too graphic for me to post here.  I just threw up my lunch when I saw them.  Don’t take my word for it; I’ve provided the link.

And then, rather than vent, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to make Tony Hayward and BP pay for their crimes.  I heard the President already slapped them with a $69 million dollar fine, but I’m not sure its enough.  Chris in Paris suggests appropriate punishment would be to consign Tony Hayward to swimming with those pelicans and other marine life BP has FUBYARed.

So much for “Drill, Baby, Drill”.  Do y’all know that while Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal is shaking his fist at the Government for not doing enough, he’s also blocking any aid that will help his state, and that he’s still in FAVOR OF OFF SHORE DRILLING?

If this were any other state, I’d predict a one-term session for this joker, but it’s LOUISIANA.  The saltines that voted him in are more likely to repeat it.

Go ahead – get your rants on.

update from rikyrah: here are some more pics.

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