We Have Traitors in Our Midst… and they call themselves DEMOCRATS.

After much googling and searching, I managed to find the names of the traitor Democrats that blocked passage of the unemployment extension bill.  From what I’ve read, all of them except Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh, are up for re-election, if not this year, then in 2012.

What amazed me is that after finding many articles that alluded to the 12 Democrats siding with the entire Republican bloc of the Senate to block the unemployment extension, very few of these articles declined to name who the Democrats that plunged the nation’s 1.2 million unemployed into being thrown into debtor’s prison (thanks, Minnesots), and therefore, cover up and condone their treachery.

I refuse.  I’m one of thos 1.2 million who got affected by their dereliction of duty.  And I vowed that I would personally make it my mission to assist any candidate that threatening them with a primary when it’s their turn for re-election. 

I don’t really have to wait to get back on my feet.  Blogging is one weapon I do have in my arsenal and I know how to use it.

Ready for the list?  I didn’t write a song about it, but here it is:

Robert Menendez (D-NJ).  No Comment.

Herbert Kohl and Russ Feingold, (D-WIS).  Don’t know about Kohl, but Russ Feingold had the distinction of standing up to ReThugs and looking out for US.  W-T-F?  I don’t think I can give Feingold a mulligan on this vote.  He needs to feel the sting of betraying his constituents.

Ben Nelson (D-FL). This guy has always been a reliable Blue Dog vote for the Republicans.  I’ve already said Blue Dog Democrats need to be put down like rabid dogs, because they offer no value to the Democratic Party AT ALL.

Bill Nelson (D-NEB).  See Ben Nelson above.  Same description applies.

Evan Bayh (D-IND).  Oh well, since he’s stepping down from his seat and not running for re-election, I guess he feels a good “F-U” to Americans were in order because we called out the fact he’s a wimp and DLC policies have all but prostituted the Democratic Party.

Mark Begich (D-AK).  Progressive Democrats worked very hard to get this fool elected from the 49th State that produced Sarah Palin and the Family of Grifters.  THIS  is the thanks we get?

Mary Landrieu (D-LA).  Ah, Miss Mary must be counting of her share of BP payola from that 20 billion dollar escrow account the President managed to snag from Tony Hayward before he was shown the door.  But nothing for her constituents?  Maybe they’ll get it right the next time she comes up for re-election, since she almost got shown the door the last time.

Joe Lieberman (I-CT).  I said not defanging him would come back to bite US and the Obama Administration in the ass.  Maybe the Nutmeg State will get it right next time, too, but I doubt it, cause they had a chance and Ned Lamont screwed it up by going on vacation after beating Droopy Dog for the Democratic Primary.

Claire McCaskill (D-MO).  Missourians always brag about how they need to be “shown” something.  Well, your Democratic Senator is showing y’all she don’t care if you guys go broke if you’re unemployed.  And she’s supposed to be a reliable “progressive” vote in the Senate.  If this is her example of progressivism, I’ll shop elsewhere.

Mark Pryor (D-ARK).  Okay, he’s as bad as Blanche Lincoln.

Blanche Lincoln (D-ARK).  See Mark Pryor.  And you would think the close call Lincoln got in her primary, not to mention she’s on the hot seat for sponsoring a bill on financial reform that doesn’t explain derivatives, one would think she’d calm her butt down and lay low for awhile.  I guess she feels if she got pass the primary, she doesn’t have to worry  about the General – but I’m past the “any Democrat is better than no Democrat at all” nonsense.

You know who’s name ISN’T ON THIS LIST?  Senator Roland Burris (D-IL) – you know; the one that Harry Reid refused to certify his election until he needed HIS VOTE to get Health Care Reform passed.  LOL.

“Any Democrat” proves to screw the working-class over just like “Any Republican”.

By Their Fruit…You Shall Know Them.  And as long as I continue to post here, I will see to it that you shall KNOW THEM.

They need to go.  They don’t do anything in OUR best interests.  And they have too much time (six year terms) to continue screwing us over.  Maybe if they had shorter terms and had to run for re-election as frequently as the House of Representatives…we’d have a more effective Senate.

By Their Fruit…You Shall KNOW THEM.  And then, I got a brilliant idea.  Can anyone email me (leutishastills1@hotmail.com or lstills@gmail.com) and show me how to set up a wiki?  I mean to track this and any other legislation that screws us over.  A real-time “CBC Monitor” Report Card, but it will include as many traitors as I can name.  We don’t have to worry about the Republicans unless one of them gets attacked for doing the right thing.

By Their Fruit…You Shall KNOW THEM.

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