Republicans and 12 Traitor Democrats says this is what the Unemployed Deserve

The ugly secret of the unemployed is one that is well-known to the unemployed.

It is not because we’re lazy.

It is NOT because we want a free ride.

It is NOT because we feel we’re entitled.  Hell, when we lose our jobs, real entitlement would be paying us unemployment at the rate of our former salaries so we can maintain our living standards until we get another job.

But we gratefully accept the 25-40% of our former income we can collect from the State.  Some money is better than NO MONEY.

The ugly secret of the unemployed is the fact that we continue to be victimized for being UNEMPLOYED.  When you are laid off your job; when your job is sent out of the country, courtesy of trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA: when you get fired because you will not compromise your ethics for the sake of an unscrupulous boss – you wind up collecting unemployment benefits, usually 25-40% of what you USED to earn.

The ugly secret of the unemployed is that no one will consider interviewing you or hiring you if they see that you’re currently job-seeking.  Even though you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job; all they see is that at present, you’re UNEMPLOYED.  Then, potential employers ask the dumb question, “So, what are you doing RIGHT NOW?”

“I’m interviewing with you for a job; that’s what I’m doing RIGHT NOW”, you’re thinking, but, once again, because you’re trying to present yourself as being employable, you can’t say that.

So, you’re victimized, YET AGAIN.  “Thanks, but NO THANKS”, you’re told.

And you once again hit the pavement, registering with Temp Agencies, which are the corporate equivalent of Uncle Ben’s plantation, but, you need a roof over your head, and you need to eat, so you’ll take what they give you.  Problem is – temp agencies are overloaded with people seeking work and not having enough temp assignments to cover them.

In this economic state, many of us apply for jobs for which we are vastly overqualified, but despite our willingness to take those jobs – we get denied.  Some of us are even told to our face during an interview, “You know, you’re way over qualified for this position.” 

And then, you get the dumbass question, “Why are you applying for this job with your qualifications?”

“Uh, because I have bills to pay and need to keep a roof over my head”, is what you’re thinking, but you usually have to scramble for an appropriate response because you’re trying to sell yourself to get a job offer.

And what makes it worse, there are many Senators who hold the unemployed in High Contempt.  Thanks to Rachel Maddow, we now KNOW who these idiots are. (Hat tip, Crooks & Liars)

According to Maddow:

MADDOW: We’ve got the worst long-term unemployment since the Great Depression. This is going to have repercussions in our country and in our culture for generations. The political leadership we’re seeing on the right in response to that called the unemployed animals, drug test them, call them bums, say they’re only out of jobs because they’re lazy and want to be. Insult, insult, insult. To add real injury to all of that insult today every Republican in the Senate plus our friend Ben Nelson, blocked a vote on a bill to provide badly needed help to the long-term unemployed in this country.

Yepper, I got the letter notifying me I was being cut off last Saturday, and giving the reason that the Senate didn’t get an extension passed.  If I could go to the Senate offices and throw a brick at Ben Nelson walking down the street for this shyt, I would have.

Look at what our Congress – the fools we pay with OUR TAX DOLLARS, really THINK about the American People they purport to be concerned about:

Orin Hatch says the unemployed should be drug tested and pay for it with the unemployment benefits we’re not getting.  W-T-F?

Sharron Angle – Wingut in Nevada, says we’ve gotten so fat and happy off unemployment, we think it’s an ENTITLEMENT.

Jon Kyl of Aryanzona believes that unemployment is a disincentive to seek work.

ReThug Congress Critter Dean Heller of Nevada believes that this unemployment will bring back the Hobo era of the 1930s.

So, now, because I am unemployed, according to the Wing-Nut faction of the ReThug Party and Ben Nelson plus 11 other dirty Democratic turncoats in the Senate, I am a drug-using hobo who was entitled to the benefits I used to receive.  Uh-huh.

GTHOOH with that nonsense.

If my elected officials feel that way about me and millions like me that they’ve plunged into this hellhole, I guess the next congress critter shooting off at their mouth will probably suggest we kill ourselves and make it easier for everyone else.  In fact, on this website, read some of the comments from people who are considering JUST THAT, because they can’t take it anymore.

But, I find that I’m made of sterner stuff.  I refuse to go out THAT EASY.  Sommmabitches.  Still I Rise.

And when I’m back on my feet, I will make it my PERSONAL mission to personally target each and every Democratic Senator who helped the ReThugs block unemployment benefits and continue to engage in the ugly secret of continued VICTIMIZATION.  If that’s the best these mofos can do in representing our best interests, maybe unknowns like Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene will start to look better and better to US. 

I have no faith that the Democraty Party will take this gift horse and use it to their advantage.  Not when 12 Democratic Senators, and turncoat Joe Lieberman continue to walk the Senate hallways.  Lieberman should have been de-fanged when he went renegade – but the Senate leadership and our POTUS, thought he’d be a good lil’ Democrat, and he keeps pissing on their legs in response like a dog that refuses to be house-broken.

But, Still, I RISE.  And many of us will still continue to rise.  And when we do, Congress better WATCH OUT.

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