Yeah, you have to give it to the ReThug Party.  They really know where their “family values” lay.

Case in point: Senator David “Diaperman” Vitter.  He’s has an aide with a criminal record for domestic violence on the payroll (H/T Americablog, via ABC News).

A longtime aide to Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, who has been assigned by the senator to oversee women’s issues, pleaded guilty in 2008 to charges stemming from a knife-wielding altercation with an ex-girlfriend. (emphasis mine)


So here’s a United States Senator so contemptuous of the family values he purports to represent, that he keeps a convicted felon on the payroll and puts him in charge of the very issues and policies the aide has been convicted of violating…and hopes we won’t notice.  Remember, David Vitter got his “Diaperman” nickname when his phone number was found in the DC Madam’s Roledex, and she mysteriously and conveniently turns up dead after promising to turn that Roledex over to the Federal Po-po.

If you think she killed herself when she was sitting on a mint of a fortune to be paid just by having that Roledex, I’ve beachfront property in Aryanzona to sell you.

This is just like allowing the oil-soaked Rep. Joe Barton (R-British Petroleum) to keep his position on the Energy Committee, and making policy that favors the very industry Congress is charged with regulating.  After his public display of willingness to fellate BP’s CEO Tony “I want my life back” Hayward, the Democrats and activists with a spine have now coined the references to the Republican Party as the “GOBP”  which stands for the “Grand Old British Petrolium” Party now days.

How many times do we hear about “Family Values” and whatnot from this bunch, and we’ve learned that they have amongst their midst:

Pedophiles (Mark Foley)

Adulterers (Too many to list here)

Closeted Homosexuals (Larry “Wide Stance” Craig; Mark Kirk; and the Florida GOP leader who said he was so afraid of brothas, he was willing to give brotha man a blow job in a public bathroom when he got caught in a police sting)

Taking payola from lobbyists of the very industries they’re supposed to regulate (the whole ReThug side of both Houses of Congress as well as Blue Dog/Turncoat Democrats like Artur Davis)

C Street Property where ReThug members pay below market value rent to engage in these shenanigans;

I can’t list anymore – maybe some of you can?

Anyway…I need to get a McChrystal reference in here, since he’s part of this…hypocracy as well.

I’m only going to say one thing about this; if President Obama doesn’t fire this pusbag, or accept his resignation, he will send a clear message about his willingness to accept insubordination from his employees, and you might as well turn the White House into a fraternity short of Animal House.  When you can’t commend respect as Commander-in-Chief, you cannot lead; you cannot GOVERN.  And if you can’t lead or govern, you will be a one-term POTUS.  Whether you admire Mr. Obama; whether you support him; whether you agree or disagree with his policies – the McChrystal incident is one where you cannot sweep it under the rug with a “Beer Summit” or make nice; you have to TAKE CHARGE.

McChrystal tried to offer up that resignation so he could deprive the Black Man of saying to him: “YOU’RE FIRED!”  Yes, I do believe McChrystal has THAT much CRACKER in him, which continues to make me have disdain for him, his ilk and their so-called “GOBP” Family Values that they want everyone else to follow while they VIOLATE EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, and expect the forgiveness when they get caught that they would DENY EVERYONE else.

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