(Above — video from NASA from space of the oil spill, which is disturbing that you can actually see it from space, right? That can’t be good. NASA helpfully added some sad music so you’re clear how looking at this should make you feel…)

I’m really glad the President is doing this proactively and it’s an appropriate subject for his first Oval Office address to the nation. The situation with the spill is gripping the nation. We’re facing the worst environmental disaster in the U.S. ever with likely generational impact. The economic blow to a region that was just getting back on its feet in the midst of one of our worst recession — that’s also a tough one.

Now is the time for the Prez to deliver his signature hope to a troubled nation. We need vision. We need inspiration. We need re-assurance & commitment. Now is the time for the President to get us fired up and ready to apply some Apollo 13 – “failure is not an option” – on that biznazz. Because Houston, we definitely have a problem. Wouldn’t it be great to hear him say something like: “Every resource, every scientist, the smartest minds, the best of our military, all our foreign allies, everything that we can possibly bring to the table will be tapped to help the Gulf since an ecological tragedy anywhere is a devastating disaster everywhere.

This is America. We’re Americans — if the technology doesn’t exist that will clean up the Gulf, we’ll invent it! We’ll not only restore wetlands but create new ones. We’ll create a renewed industry that’s cleaner and greener, ensuring greater prosperity and a brighter future for our kids.

AND: We will take the necessary steps to make sure this never, ever happens again and I, Barack Obama, will fight for and with you to make this right and hold BP and other oil companies accountable for their actions. And we will break our addiction to oil to pursue the energy alternatives of the future that will resolve the global warming that threatens life on this planet as we know it.”

You know, something like that.

Also cool — being open and accessible to the peoples’ questions and letting folks know how they can help. We’re in this together, after all. From the White House blog:

For more information on Federal response resources, volunteer opportunities, and assistance for those in affected areas visit WhiteHouse.gov/Deepwater-BP-Oil-Spill.

This evening at 8 p.m. EDT, President Obama will address the Nation about the disaster in the Gulf and the road ahead. This comes after the end of a two-day trip through Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, all states affected by the oil spill.

Across the country, many have questions about how this disaster happened — and what’s being done to make things right. To better understand what people want to know, we are offering a way for anyone to vote on questions about the oil spill or submit their own. After the President finishes, Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, will answer some of the most popular questions.

You can get started right now by heading over to YouTube.com/WhiteHouse.

And at 8pm, the President’s address and the follow-up Q&A with Robert Gibbs will be streamed live there and at WhiteHouse.gov/live.

Now’s your chance — holla at your President….

If you live in the Gulf, here’s some helpful info if you need them:

Deepwater Horizon Official Response Site

* CONTACT: WILDLIFE (866) 557-1401
* OIL ON LAND / BOOM ISSUES (866) 448-5816
* TECH/SUGGESTIONS (281) 366-5511
* DAMAGE CLAIM (800) 440-0858

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