So much for living in post-racial America when crap like this goes down.  Another brotha killed ala James Byrd-style.  From Joe Sudbay of Americablog, via  Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend:

The shooting death of a black man whose body was dragged for several miles is being investigated as a possible hate crime after the arrest of a white man he worked with, South Carolina’s state police chief said.

Gregory Collins, 19, is charged with murder and made his first court appearance Thursday. No bond was set and he did not yet have an attorney, Newberry County Magistrate Ron Halfacre said.

…Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said Collins and Hill spent most of Tuesday together and were at Collins’ mobile home late Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning when Hill was shot.

Foster said Collins then attached a nylon rope around Hill’s body and began dragging it behind his truck, apparently until the rope snapped several miles later.

…The tree-lined road along which authorities say Hill’s body was dragged for nearly 11 miles winds through hilly areas before opening up into gated properties of large country homes interspersed with older farmhouses. On Thursday, a foot-wide dark stain was visible in the right hand lane of the asphalt roadway, a mark authorities planned to wash away later in the afternoon.

And to think, the defense team for Johannes Mesherle wants the issue of race to be kept out of the courtroom while their client is tried for executing Oscar Grant after gunning him down at the Fruitvale BART Station on New Year’s Day.  When a black man is killed in this manner, RACE is ALL OVER the issue.

What does the Oscar Grant murder trial have to do with this heinous crime perpetuated on Anthony Hill?

It has to do with our Black men being shot down as if it were a frigging SPORT.  That’s what it has to do with the above James Byrd-style LYNCHING.

Yeah, I SAID IT.  LYNCHING.  And the human excrement that did this is only 19 years old, so, in the age of when most of this current generation could care less about race – this human excrement was being taught in his home that to shoot and drag a brotha behind his truck for 11 miles was an OKAY thing to DO.

Anthony Hill was someone’s son, brother, cousin, grandson.  He was NOT a piece of SPORT. He was a HUMAN BEING, but then again, sadly, there are crackers who STILL consider POC inferior and 3/5 of a human being.

Never a FULL Human Being.  Just part.  And that’s what makes it so EASY for them to KILL.  People who do these types of killings are already numb, deaf, dumb and blind to morals, sensitivity or empathy for another human being.

Gregory Collins is BEYOND Rehabilitation.  How do you Rehab someone who killed his co-worker, tied a rope around his neck and drag him behind his truck for 11 miles before the rope snapped?  How do you get them to give a damn?

The fact of the matter is….YOU CAN’T.  This human offal is way beyond redemption, IMO, anyway.

Usually, I don’t advocate for the death penalty when a POC gets killed because…well, it’s pretty rare for a jury to come back with such a verdict.  However, in this case, it would be well applied, but I expect this MoFo to plead insanity, or just cop a guilty plea to avoid a trial and the potential of the death penalty.

I’m so worn out behind stories like this – all I can do is scream, “NOT AGAIN!!!”

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