Above is an interview with Gustavo Rivera, a good friend and a man with good politics running to unseat a notoriously corrupt man named Pedro Espada. We’ve all come across that incumbent politician so comfortable in his position that he forgets the people he was elected to represent and focuses on representing himself and his personal interests. That’s Pedro Espada, currently being investigating by no less than four government agencies.

Rivera was an outreach coordinator for Obama in Florida and recently stepped down in his position working with Sen. Gillebrand in NY to run for this seat.

I’m doing comedy at a fundraiser for Rivera tomorrow night in NYC, and would encourage you to attend.


If you can’t make it, please give what you can here: https://secure.actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/24567

For more background see:

The Most Interesting Local Race of the Year (about Gustavo and “Generation O” (for Obama)):

Out and About With Gustavo Rivera, an Espada Opponent:

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