by Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, (CEO, Green For All) and Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., (President, Hip Hop Caucus)

Hip-hop artist Drake is “going green” and bringing his fans with him.

“Everywhere you turn, you can see how pollution and poverty are hurting our neighborhoods,” says Drake. “But we can change that. Going green is the solution.”

Partnering with Green the Block, Drake traveled to 17 campuses in 12 states to entertain and, with the help of Green The Block, educate his fans about the benefits of going green – the jobs, health and wealth – created through this movement.

While Drake’s highly anticipated album “Thank Me Later” doesn’t arrive in stores until June 15th, check out this never-before-seen footage with the hip-hop star from his Away From Home tour!

Green The Block is a campaign from Green For All ( and the Hip Hop Caucus ( working to change the face of environmentalism.

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