Kamala Harris had a big primary win here in California last night. As you know, she sometimes stops by to hang out here at JJP so we’re especially proud of her. She can count on us on the next big push to become Attorney General of California. It’s a big job with real influence — just by itself, California is one of the largest economies in the world. It’s a big state with big law enforcement issues. What I like about Kamala Harris is her willingness to show that new approaches can work and make us safer.

Harris stands to make California history.  If elected, Kamala will be California’s first female, African-American, and South Asian Attorney General.  But more than that, she is the most qualified candidate in the race.

As District Attorney of San Francisco, Kamala has spearheaded innovative efforts to transform our justice system.  Rather than getting hung up on false labels, she is focusing on initiatives that actually work.  Her Back on Track program, for example, has reduced the rate of repeat offenses from 54% to 10% for non-violent, first-time offenders.  She worked with the labor and business communities to create this program, which provides participants with the skills they need to get an education, a job, and to become productive members of society.

Kamala is working to keep our communities safe. I’ve met Kamala in person here in SF and she manages to be both down-to-earth and incredibly inspirational all at once. She’s clearly a shooting star who deserves her place on the national stage. Above, peep the video above re: Harris’ book Smart on Crime and her appearance with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Learn more at http://kamalaharris.org. Go Kamala — FTW!

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