At the beginning of the oil spill, it wasn’t totally clear that the President had both hands on the wheel. There appeared to be some delegation, which is understandable. A Prez is busy these days. However, the American people elected him basically to be our man on the inside. A slightly smarter, more awesomer person than we are, personally. Someone who thinks & talks like a  normal person or at least remembers The Struggle enough to be willing to give someone in need a leg up. Someone willing to call crap when need be and stand up to blatant malfeasance, corruption, injustice, cronyism and/or outright stupidity on behalf of all Americans with the sense God gave them. And above all, someone who would fight for the person unable to fight as hard or as smart as he can.

So I’m really glad the guy we know and love has shown up once again. He’s behind the scenes no more and letting folks know, he’s taking names and kicking ass. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout, Willis… I hope he keeps up not only the tough talk but the direct intervention in making sure that the Gulf Region gets the help it needs during this terrible crisis.

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