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”To discuss whether or not Rand Paul is a racist is a waste of time, he clearly is; only a true and real racist would give power to racism.

If one would wish to start a debate about “property rights” I would think one would focus on eminent domain or something of that nature, I would hardly think they would start with what race of people they are required to let into their businesses. The very nature of that is purely racist, purely racist and everyone that is discussing this knows it is purely racist.

If Rand Paul wants to discuss property rights, let’s get real. Let’s discuss the rights of the people who owned the property that is the United States before it was stolen from many. That’s a property rights discussion I would love to hear. “

In The Cross-Heirs

A loophole in real estate law pits families against developers and each other. Some say there’s more than money at stake.
Posted May 1, 2009 11:40 PM CDT
By Anna Stolley Persky

Standing on a bare stretch of beach in early February, Billy Freeman is not alone. His memories, his family, his ghosts are here with him in North Carolina, at the edge of the ocean.

It is here where Freeman played in the sand with his cousins. It is here where his family, for generations, fished, cooked and watched the tide with an intimate familiarity. And it is here where his family built Freeman Beach, nicknamed “Bop City,” a beachside haven where African-Americans could enjoy the summer months—even in the days of segregation.

“It’s a part of me,” says Freeman, 68, digging a heel into the sand, facing the cold winter wind. “We’ve always had the land. No money—but land.”

Freeman can trace his heritage and land to his great-great-great-grandfather, Alexander Freeman, a freed slave who in 1855 bought 99 acres near Myrtle Beach Sound. But Freeman and his relatives are in danger of losing part of that original plot, Freeman Beach. A developer claims to have majority ownership interest in the land and has filed court documents requesting a partition sale.

Freeman and his family are particularly vulnerable because the land has been passed down through “heirs’ property,” which means without the benefit of a will. Heirs’ property results in descendants who inherit real property as tenants in common, with each owner having an undivided interest in the land. For the descendants, heirs’ property also creates a problem—anyone who inherits or buys an interest in the land, no matter how small, can file with a court to force other owners to sell.

Some practitioners and scholars are concerned that poor and middle-income people, and particularly Afri­can-Americans, are being forced off their land through partition sales. During these sales proceedings, the heirs who want the land often don’t have the means to purchase it, so the property can go to outside bidders, such as developers. As a result, land owned by families for generations is suddenly lost.


The issue has alarmed some legal scholars and practitioners for years. In the South, land loss among African-American families is considered a particularly significant concern.

According to the Land Loss Prevention Project, a Durham, N.C.-based organization that provides legal support to financially distressed farmers and landowners in the state, of the 15 million acres of land acquired by African-Americans after Emancipation, about 2 million remain owned by their descendants. Nationally, it’s estimated that African-American land ownership has decreased from as much as 19 million acres in 1910 to 1.5 million acres in 1997, according to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.

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So, here it is, PROPERTY RIGHTS.

Why do I think Paul would have nothing to say about THESE folks’ property rights?

It’s a damn scam. A scam to rip off Black families from their land.


This is about wealth. This is about building wealth. And Black folks being able to control their own destinies.

It’s also about Black families sitting down and making sure that you have, in legal documents, what you want to happen, so that you don’t allow for this predator behavior to come in and hurt your family.

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