Family of murdered man blames SB1070 controversy for death
by Alicia E. Barrón
Posted on May 14, 2010 at 5:49 PM

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Police Department is denying accusations that it is trying to sweep a suspected hate crime under the rug.

That is the claim of the family of a Latino man gunned down outside his home last week.

The alleged killer was yelling racial slurs seconds before he fired the shots that killed 44-year-old Juan Varela.

Varela was a third-generation American, yet his family claims he was called a “wetback” who was going to be sent back to Mexico by the man who murdered him.
They claim it was a hate crime and the police are not doing their job. That is a charge the department denies.

A family spokesperson says, “We ask for justice, that’s what the family wants is justice.”


I’m inclined to believe his family, and because I do believe his family, let’s call this what it is – a lynching. The man was taken out because he was Latino and this White man believed he could kill him ‘ just because’.

This man won’t be the first one to die -unfortunately.

The reaction (excuses) of law enforcement don’t surprise either.

I wish the family well, but I’m not getting a feeling that they will be getting justice in this case.

STILL think this law doesn’t concern Black folk?

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