and it happened in the STATE OF WASHINGTON.  From David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars:

A Seattle freelance videographer recently captured a local cop kicking a man in the head while prone on the ground and using ethnic slurs:

Interim Seattle Police Chief John Diaz said Friday he is going to have to “repair damage” in the community after the release of a videotape showing a gang detective and a patrol officer kicking a prone man and using ethnically inflammatory language.

The Police Department disclosed Friday that it has launched an internal investigation into the incident, in which the gang detective, Shandy Cobane, can be heard on video telling a man lying on a concrete sidewalk, “I’m going to beat the [expletive] Mexican piss out of you, homey. You feel me?”

Now, if your interim boss is Latino, I don’t think I’d be going around beating up POC just for the hell of it.  But, then again, I like to think I have some vestiges of COMMON SENSE, which I see Officer Cobane bypassed on the day the Good Lord was handing common sense out.

The video is ala Rodney King, circa 1992, but the real outrage is that the guy who’s getting the beat down -HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INCIDENT that brought out the Po-Po.

Then, of course, the usual closing of the barn door after the horse has run away mea culpa from Officer Cobane:

“I know my words cut deep and were very hurtful,” he said. “… I am truly, truly sorry.”

A 15-year veteran of the department, Cobane, 44, said he never dreamed he’d “bring such notoriety to my department. Sadly, I did.”

Apologizing to colleagues, the Latino community and Seattle, he said his “offensive and unprofessional” words did not reflect who he is.

Yeah, right.  Boo-fricking-Hoo, buddy.  Once again, you’re whining because YOU GOT CAUGHT.

“Offensive and unprofessional words does not reflect who he is.”  As in his ass is a BIGOT?

Why, oh why do you bigots say this shyt when you get caught?  I’d appreciate seeing you coming, instead of roving undercover with your racial issues.  If you don’t want to be caught in your bigotry, stop saying bigoted things out of your mouth, or doing bigoted activities against POC, women, LGBT, the disabled, and anyone else that is not, as Michael Moore would call you a “Stupid White Man”.

If you’re not a bigot, the activities that Officer Cobane got caught in, well, he wouldn’t be doing them, because THEY WOULD NOT OCCUR TO HIM.  That’s how people who don’t have issues with racism or bigotry THINK.  Hateful acts and words aren’t EVEN A CONSIDERATION.

Screw an apology.  His ass needs to be shown the unemployment line, forfeiting of pension and blacklisted so he can’t even get a job as a Mall Cop.  I’m tired of the apologies, but nothing more happening to idiots like Shandy Cobane – they’ll bury him on a desk for six months until this crap blows over, then ease him back out on the street until he screws up again on a larger scale that they can’t hide.

How jacked up is law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest?  They promoted this loon to the top cop’s position in Tacoma, even with the fact his wife was divorcing him and he had a rape charge against him by another female officer buried, so his record was clean enough to get him that promotion.  But when the divorce and its details were made public, the Police Chief killed his wife and put a bullet in his own head, right in front of his kids.  Bastard.

And, of course, Faux Noise will find a way to make this incident, as well as others,  President Obama’s fault…..

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