I ain’t got no crystal ball, folks. I ain’t Negrodamus (obligatory Dave Chappelle reference). These are not so much predictions as they are my wishlist of who I’d prefer to win.

AND if you live in one of these states, make sure you get out and vote today! These races are all mighty close and the stakes are high, so this time your vote really matters.

D-PA: Joe Sestak over Arlen Specter for Senate. Why? Arlen Specter was pretty cozy with George Bush and the neo-cons (while keeping it moderate, it’s true) during the Bush years. He switched parties only when it looked like he couldn’t win as a Republican. He’s basically admitted this publicly on video. Yes, his vote has been critical in ushering in some of the most important legislation in years, like the stimulus package and healthcare. But look y’all, we didn’t cut the same deal that Barack Obama did with Specter. He held up his end of the bargain and did those robo-calls for Specter and so forth. But this is Ned Lamont vs Joe Lieberman all over again — and once again Obama is on the wrong side. It’s time for new and frankly younger leadership. Who is actually Democratic.

I’ve met Joe Sestak and he seems like a good guy who wants to bring some fresh vision and energy to representing PA as a Senator.I hope he wins. Labor likes him and so do I. It’s time for Specter to step aside for a new generation. Sestak’s campaign has consistently reached out to JJP, showing he actually cares about black people who vote. We’ve never heard a peep from Specter’s team who are apparently unaware that black people use the internet to talk about politics. The photo above is Sestak with black clergy in PA who agree with his position on re-instating the assault weapons ban — a ban that police also support and that Specter does not…

D-AR: Bill Halter over Blanche Lincoln for Senate. Why? Um, Blanche has pulled what will now become known as a “Hillary Clinton”. In her desperation to crush a younger challenger, she has cynically resorted to race-baiting and fear-triggering campaign messages to pander to an imagined bigoted base. On that grounds alone, she deserves defeat. I’m for having as few professional racists in the Senate as possible. But I also think Halter, once again, will bring a fresh outlook to the Senate. Lincoln is no progressive. And once again, Obama’s backing the wrong horse in my opinion.

R-KY: Trey Grayson over Rand Paul for Senate. Why? Like as in, why do I care? Well, any friend of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin is no friend of mine! A win for Grayson would be a rebuke to Palin & her ilk and that would be satisfying for me. Like a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Like the opposite of the Tea Party’s “Contract On From America”. Also, I think Paul’s name is creepy. Rand? As in Rand Corporation of the U.S. military industrial complex? Really…?

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