Chris Matthews To Michael Brown: Your Oil Spill Theories Sound ‘Insane’ (VIDEO)
Jillian Rayfield | May 4, 2010, 4:52PM

Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown went on MSNBC today to defend his claims about the Gulf Coast oil spill, and Chris Matthews let him have it, telling him that Brown’s theory that President Obama wanted the oil spill to happen makes him sound “insane.”

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And Goober Gibbs ate his Wheaties yesterday:

Gibbs pounced, and seized on the Brown interview.

“Fox had the very special, unique interview with Michael Brown — you opened it and I had to do it,” Gibbs said. “Who for those who weren’t let in on the big secret, Mr. Brown, FEMA director Brown under Katrina, intimated on Fox — and it wasn’t, I will editorially say, didn’t appear to be pushed back on real hard — that this spill was leaked on purpose in order for us to walk back our environmental and drilling decisions, and that the leak that we did on purpose got out of control and now is too big to contain.”

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