There are times when you see or hear things in the news and all you can do is shake your head and utter, “W-T-F”?

Case in point, this couple AGAIN tried to crash the Mexican State Dinner at the White House.  From John Aravosis at Americablog, via Jake Tapper of ABC:

The Salahis were stopped by the U.S. Secret Service last night at around 8 p.m. ET during the State Dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon as their stretch limousine ran a red light and seemed to be trying to turn into a restricted area near the White House, ABC News has learned.

A Secret Service Uniformed Division officer “observed a stretch limousine pass through a red light at 15th and Constitution,” Edwin M. Donovan, the Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. Secret Service told ABC News. “The vehicle then signaled that it was turning into the Ellipse parking area at 16th and Constitution, a restricted area.”

John summed it up pretty nicely, and I totally agree:

I’m over this trash. They tricked their way into the White House once, and could have attacked the President and a foreign head of state, and now it appears they may have tried the same trick again. They think national security is a game, fine – send them away to Gitmo for a while and see how funny they find repeated attempts to violate the White House perimeter, for Lord knows what reason. There has to be something seriously wrong with people who think it’s funny to sneak into the White House, repeatedly. That’s not normal behavior.

Look,  I remember when some fool flew his private jet near the White House when Bill Clinton was there, and the Secret Service and the Air Force shot his ass down.  So, if the Salahis want to play this game, sending them to GitMo is too kind; tell them to try and crash Amininjab’s place in Iran and see how far they get.

On another “WTF”  moment, I want to give Tea Party Wing Nut Rand Paul a lil’ advice.  When getting your “Ferraro” on (aka “your inner racist rant”) be sure you are not (a) appearing on Rachel Maddow’s Show; (b) holding your victory party at a country club with history of exclusion of POC; and (c) piss off the GOP vanguard with your rants.

Dude, your inner racism is only to be shared among family and friends, yo?.  If you got Joe Scarborough and Ron Christie calling you out for your racist rants, you know you’re dogmeat and not fit to even run for dog-catcher.  I will wait for Sarah “Mama Grizzlies” Palin to spend this on her FaceBook page and rant about what a “true” American you are for speaking your mind.  That should be the Kiss of Death to any political aspirations you may have.

Your appearance on Maddow’s show was a real “W-T-F?” moment – even when she tried to get you to take your foot out of your mouth and you kept right on chewing.  Now, you’re trying to backtrack from your remarks and claim, just like Sarah Palin did about Katie Couric, that Dr. Maddow “ambushed” you.  LOL

Gentleman Jim Clyburn wasn’t trying to hear it.  He called you out:

Clyburn: I would say to Dr. Paul that he needs to come clean with the American people and say exactly what it is he wants to do if he’s elected to the United States Senate. He made himself the face and the spokesperson for the Tea Party movement at his victory party on Tuesday night. And then he set out the next morning, yesterday, to lay out the philosophy of that movement. And I think he made it very clear to the voters in America exactly what that movement is all about. They are parsing words, they are sending signals, they are saying things that ought to give all of us great pause.

There was a time when Clyburn would let stupid shyt like this pass.  After the Clintons got their racism on during the election, he told Wild Bill to tone it down three times, before he washed his hands of them.  As a result, Barack Obama now sits in the White House.  Jim Clyburn is one CBC member you don’t MESS WITH.

And the results of Tuesday’s elections?  Well, not really “W-T’-F?” moments – from where I sit, it just means that the people finally are waking up to the fact that some things can be controlled by VOTING.  Arlen “Magic Bullet” Spector just found that out – THE HARD WAY.  Maybe Joe Sestak will be a true Democratic vote that can be counted on in the Senate.

WHAT?  He thought switching parties was going to HELP HIM?  LMAO, I want what he was smoking, because unlike Traitor Joe Lieberman, the commonwealth of Pistolvania didn’t have a similar loophole for Arlen to lose the primary and come back to run as an Independent.  Bye-Bye, Arlen, and while you’re in retirement, come up with a more plausible theory than that “Magic Bullet” you said killed John F. Kennedy 47 years ago, when the wounds he suffered indicated there was more than one assassin; not a looney tunes shooting at his motorcade from a sixth-story building, with world-class precision.  (Yeah, Arlen Spector was the U. S. Attorney that spun that fairy tale about a lone gun named Lee Harvey Oswald killing Kennedy and shooting Texas Governor John Connelly for a total of nine gunshot wounds between them.)

Blanche Lincoln?  Looks like people in Razorback Country are through with her – she’s in a runoff with the Lt. Governor, who I understand is a real Progressive.  And the spin doctors are trying to say it’s bad for the POTUS – nah, what the increase in progressives does is send a message to Rahm, et al – that the country is tired of “business as usual”. But I do think Kentucky is a lost cause – just when you think something has penetrated those minds clotted with cholesterol and grease because they FRY every damn thing they eat, they elect a nut like Rand Paul who proceeds to get his “Ferraro” on National TV and thought nobody was looking.

The POTUS’ nominee for the Supreme Court?  I don’t think Elena Kagan was a really good choice, and not because of the obvious – no judicial decisions that will give Orin Hatch the vapours.  However, her diversity track record when she was Dean of Hah-vahd Law School is not sitting well with me, either.  You can bet your last dollar, even though the Thug Party will do everything to overturn Civil Rights – watch one of those dipshyts find a way to bring it up in confirmation hearings and spend it, too.

Margaret Kimberley of Freedom Rider takes no prisoners with her take:

Her nomination is troubling for many reasons. Once it became widely known that she could not find one black person worthy to hire as a tenure track law professor when she served as dean of Harvard law school, she and her boss began to get if not a cold shoulder, a lukewarm one. Indeed, this white woman could find only six white women to hire, out of a total of 32 positions filled during her tenure.

WHAT?  The POTUS couldn’t find no SISTAHS for the Court?  Not even his OWN WIFE, who, in my opinion, is probably more qualified than Elena Kagan, but is there something in the Constitution that says the FLOTUS can’t be FLOTUS and Sit on the Supreme Court?  Sistahs CAN DO IT ALL!

But, then again, after finals and term papers, it’s just me having a “W-T-F”? moment after surfacing from school and wading through what passes for mainstream news.  So, what’s happening in YOUR neck of the woods?

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