I had to read this post TWICE.  From Karoli at Crooks and Liars:

The Ronald Evans case was one of the most evil and egregious. From the Coalition of Immokalee Workers:

Ron Evans recruited homeless U.S. citizens from shelters across the Southeast, including New Orleans, Tampa, and Miami, with promises of good jobs and housing. At Palatka, FL and Newton Grove, NC area labor camps, the Evans’ deducted rent, food, crack cocaine and alcohol from workers’ pay, holding them “perpetually indebted” in what the DOJ called “a form of servitude morally and legally reprehensible.” The Palatka labor camp was surrounded by a chain link fence topped with barbed wire, with a No Trespassing sign. The CIW and a Miami-based homeless outreach organization (Touching Miami with Love) began the investigation and reported the case to federal authorities in 2003. In Florida, Ron Evans worked for grower Frank Johns. Johns was 2004 Chairman of the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, the powerful lobbying arm of the Florida agricultural industry. As of 2007, he remained the Chairman of the FFVA’s Budget and Finance Committee.

Now, if you’re homeless and someone comes along and offers you a job with benefits, you’re not going to play “Truth or Consequences” – you’re going to jump at the opportunity to work and earn a steady paycheck.  Damn if the old, bitter white guys haven’t found a way around the 14th Amendment.  Back in the Day, this used to be called “Share Cropping” – only the Black people worked themselves into early graves before figuring out Massa had no intention of “sharing” that land they were working.

That video is truly scary.  21st Century Slavery in “Post-Racial” America.  As Rikyrah often says, “I’ve been in America longer than three days.”

According to the article, Ron Evans enslaved some 1000 homeless people and kept them on lockdown like they were in Florida’s maximum security.  But don’t ask why this story has flown under the radar – with most of the MSM being owned by bigot Rupert Murdoch, stories like these NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY, unless its good old fashioned newspapers, investigative reporting, that is.

I always have to remind Black People that they should not get comfortable because this is being done to our Brown bretheren.  I keep thinking that it’s only one step away from bitter white guys to start giving US the side eye to see if they can find ways to ENSLAVE US, and skirt the 14th Amendment.  Hell, they’re already attempting to do it through turning our public education system into sub-standard; make college so damned expensive you can’t go, and keeping you from a job because instead of requiring a diploma or a GED; the requirements are at least a Bachelor’s Degree in SOMETHING.

So Ron Evans will now spend the next 30 years in a Florida prison being Skillet’s prison wife?  But I wonder how long will it be before we have to engage in hand to hand combat to preserve what little freedom we have left?

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