www.theloop21.com has commissioned the largest-ever study of African American consumers and workers in an effort to provide  a clear assessment of Black America’s economic status and black consumer confidence from the perspective of the community itself.  The survey launched April 9 and will be up through April 23. It’s kind of a big deal. Here’s what they say about why they are doing this:

Everyone in the African American community is encouraged to take part and we would love to alert your readers so they can participate and add their voice.  Our mission is to look behind the statistics and commentary on the black economic condition in order to give voice to the economic priorities and concerns from the community itself.  The end goal is to offer insights from Black folks from all walks of life—students, blue collar workers, lawyers, doctors, and those looking for work—that decision-makers can use to craft effective solutions to today’s economic challenges.

This is critical since it comes at a time when a lot of important decisions are being made daily (hmph…or NOT made) that directly concern African-Americans’ ability to prosper in the current economic climate. I’m really glad TheLoop21 is doing this.

If you have 10 minutes — please take the time to participate. The more data that’s gathered — the more powerful/persuasive the survey will be in showing not only how far we’ve come but also our current struggles as a people to survive the Great Recession.

We’ll let you know once the results are in.

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