Try Going to Pick Up one of the Obama Daughters at the White House Looking Like This

My colleague, Marcus Toussaint, wrote a good post on telling our young men to pull up their pants, and why they should.  I remember sharing that I told my nephew and his buddies where the sagging pants fashion came from – usually those who served time in the joint, and wanted to let their prison wives know their willingness to toss salads by sagging their pants.

It was hilarious to see how one by one, they all excused themselves, went to the bathroom and came back with their pants PULLED UP.

But I started thinking about this concept of the sagging pants and decided maybe a new tactic might be in order.

Tell your son, nephew, grandson, cousin….whomever, especially if they are near in age to President Obama’s daughters – THIS:

“What would the President think if you rolled up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to come a’courting his daughters and you’re standing in the living quarters of the White House with your pants sagging off your ass?”

Y’all know Malia and Sasha Obama are some real cuties who are growing up into beautiful young ladies.  And the young men, hormones and all, will be trying to holler at them when they get to be of dating age.

Imagine standing on the doorstep, looking at your son, grandson, cousin, nephew, Bebe’s oldest son, standing there, asking for a 16-year-old Malia Obama….in a pair of Tims and sagging pants. (I’m looking ahead to the second term of this POTUS, and his daughters will be teen agers by the time he leaves the White House.)

How far do you think he gets?  Even if he’s Malia’s classmate at Sidwell Friends, sporting a 4.00 GPA, fast tracked to Hah-vard or some other Ivy League school…but he’s standing there in the White House trying to get his Thug Life on because he’s been told by his boys in Southeast that he’s acting and sounding “Too White”.

In case the prison code concept is wearing thin, I thought a new tactic of dating the POTUS daughters might be enough to tell our young men to pull up their pants because seeing their Superman underroos is not appealing, even if they’re clean.

Let me hear from y’all JJP readers.  What have YOU told your young men about the Saga of the Sagging Pants?

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