If you wanted proof that Michael Steele is a stone-cold sellout, well here it is. This ridiculous RNC attempt to render Barack Obama as ominous has no basis in truth and is pure pandering to the fear-mongering rabid Tea Party. Barack Obama’s comin to get ya! Everyday is Tax Day for him! Look out — There’s a big bad nigger monster under your bed!!! And he has a calculator…He wants to tax your very breathing & sneezing! BOO…

Yet what we know about the Tea Party’s demographic is that they tend to be wealthier, older, white and male. People who, frankly, can afford to pay their taxes just fine. AND get this — most Americans, even those who call themselves Tea Party members, believe their current taxes are fair. Dig (via HuffPo):

According to a new New York Times/CBS News poll 52 percent of self-identified tea party members reported that the amount of taxes they would pay is “fair.” Sixty-two percent of all those who were polled said their taxes were fair.

It’s all just smoke and noise based in fear of a black president. Here’s the reality of the situation — the Prez is actually trying to LOWER your taxes. That’s what’s up but good luck finding this on Fox News or even MSNBC. From Dan Pfeiffer at WhiteHouse.gov:

It’s that time of year where we’re all filling out our tax forms to get them in under the deadline, so we thought it would be worth taking a step back and looking over how two of the President’s top priorities – health reform and the Recovery Act – are helping to give a little relief to middle class families.  While some critics and media outlets may want to mislead the public, or cherry-pick provisions to give another impression, there is no debating the fact that making the tax code more fair for the middle class, and helping working families get through these tough economic times has been the central plank of the President’s agenda.

Health Reform: The health reform legislation signed into law by President Obama includes the largest health care tax cut in history for middle class families, helping to make insurance much more affordable for millions of families.  Here’s a more extensive list of how health reform helps ease the financial burden on the middle class:

  • The largest health care tax cut in history for middle class families.
  • Americans buying the same coverage they have today in the individual market will see premiums fall by 14 to 20 percent compared to what they would pay without health insurance reform and by as much as 3% for those who get coverage through their employers.
  • The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit can cover up to 35 percent of the premiums a small business pays to cover its workers. In 2014, the rate will increase to 50 percent
  • Reduces out-of-pocket expenses so insurance doesn’t still leave families holding the bag
  • Bans lifetime limits on coverage

The Recovery Act: As the President noted in his last Weekly Address, you can get a good handle on how the Recovery Act might help you out on your taxes through our Tax Savings Tool.  Here’s a glance at how the numbers break down nationwide:

  • Over $160 Billion – Tax relief provided through the Recovery Act so far to families and businesses.
  • Nearly $3,000 – The record average tax refund taxpayers are seeing this tax season, something the IRS says is largely due to the Recovery Act.
  • Nearly 10% – The percentage average tax refunds are up this year – something the IRS says is largely due to Recovery Act tax credits.
  • 95% – The percentage of working families benefiting from the Recovery Act’s Making Work Pay tax credit, making it the broadest tax credit in the history of the country.
  • $800 – The amount most married couples are collecting through their paychecks this year thanks to the Recovery Act’s Making Work Pay tax credit. Individuals collected $400 this year thanks to Making Work Pay.
  • Up to $2,500 – The expanded amount eligible taxpayers can collect with the American Opportunity Credit to help cover college expanses thanks to the Recovery Act.
  • Up to $8,000 – The amount new homebuyers can collect this year for purchasing their first home thanks to the Recovery Act’s expansion of the First-Time Homebuyers Tax Credit.
  • Up to $1,500 – The amount homeowners can collect this year on improvements made to their homes like energy-efficient windows, doors and insulation thanks to Recovery Act tax credits.
  • 65% – The amount by which the Recovery Act cut the cost of COBRA health insurance premiums for unemployed workers last year through an up-front tax credit.

In short, as Public Enemy said back in the day — don’t believe the hype. Half of all large U.S. corporations don’t pay any U.S. tax, which includes wealthy companies making record profits like ExxonMobil and GE. Yet the GOP & Tea Party sympathizers would have Obama target those individuals paying no federal income tax like single moms and retirees on fixed incomes. Who ARE these people? Clearly they do not represent the majority of Americans. Let’s go after corporate welfare not people struggling to survive one of the worst economic downturns we’ve ever seen. Obama is working to help the middle class and lower taxes — why is the Tea Party deaf, dumb and blind to a man who’s trying to help even them?

Acting out of fear of what Obama might do, they are ignoring what he has done. Why? And why isn’t the media ripping past the hype to ask them what their real problem with our current president is?

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