“Moving pictures are worth a thousand _____________” — Me

April 12, 2010.

Today, KFC released its mythical Double Down, the more than chicken sandwich; it’s the sandwich made out of chicken. I felt it was my duty to tackle the giant. Armed with an iPhone, my wife reluctantly agreed to accompany me on this journey. What you’re about to see is the event as it took place.

The Ordering

Taking the Plunge


The Witness

Director’s Commentary:

  • The Double Down is nothing if not decadent. The flavor combinations aren’t altogether peculiar so much as the proportions are borderline ghastly. If this was in nugget form, it would still push the bounds of culinary decency, but really, chicken, bacon, and cheese aren’t strange bedfellows. That combination is outlandish when done in sandwich proportions.
  • I drank too much on Saturday and woke up Sunday morning feeling sluggish. I wasn’t hungover; but I did not feel good about my beverage choices the night before. I can’t bounce back like I used to. As I type this post-Double Down, I think I felt better when I woke up Sunday morning.
  • My wife ordered food of her own as I Double Down. I mentioned considered going for an unprecedented Quadruple Down. She promptly blanched and dropped her piece of chicken. The mere thought of seeing me take down another Double Down caused a woman seven months pregnant to lose her appetite.
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