I didn’t make this up.  Honest.  I just did a “Google” Search for “Code Words” and This is what Came UP

I thought I’ve been hearing a lot of “code” language, especially from the Teabagger, er, Tea Party Gang, which is really another way for Bigots to get their Racism on.

An informed individual is an EDUCATED individual.  So, I think there’s enough lingo for us to decipher, especially for our teaparty bretheren of ethnicity.  Just in case they think putting a hangman’s noose around one’s neck is nothing more than SPORT, Fun & Games.

“I Want My Country Back”

Translation: I want the period back when POCs knew their place, women were barefoot and pregnant, Bo rode the back of the bus, and if you were anything other than a white man, you had to do what the white man said.

“Obama is Arrogant, Socialist, Celebrity” 

Translation: Obama is an Uppity Negro who don’t know his place.

Teaparty Members 

Translation: Second Coming of Aryan Nation & the Brotherhood does NOT include Black people fool enough to admit their association with this group.

“Some of my best friends are (Black/Latino/Asian/fill in the blank)”

Translation: “I’m not really a bigot; I just like being able to say bigoted things and not have to get called on it.”

“Confederate Pride is Cultural and We Should be able to fly the Rebel Jack Flag at the State Capitol of Southern States”

Translation: “My culture included the terrorizing of Black People on a daily basis without legal ramification.  I should be able to celebrate that part of my history.”

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone by what I said.”

Translation: “I’m sorry I got caught saying bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic things, and I hope it doesn’t mess me up come election time, or I hope I can keep my TV show…” (Dog the Bounty Hunter).

“If you keep saying ‘No more funding for the War’, you’re saying you don’t support the Troops.”

Translation: “If you say anything against the Bush Administration, you’re unpatriotic; we’re throwing you out of public forums, or throw you in jail for exercising your right to Free Speech.”

“I can call anyone a Nigger, Spic, Chink, Jap, Spic, Fag.  If I’m not allowed to do so, you’re impinging upon my right to Freedom of Speech.”  

Translation: “I want to be able to be a bigot and hide behind the 1st Amendment to do so.”

When a child calls someone a racial epithet and the parents protest “We’re not racist; we didn’t teach him/her that…” 

 Translation: “We didn’t think our child would repeat what he/she hears us say at home, and we got caught.”

Fox News: “Fair & Balanced; “We Report; You DECIDE.”

Translation: The FCC gave me (Rupert Murdoch) a license to be a bigoted propagandist, and all my employees are equally bigoted propagandists – it’s a JOB REQUIREMENT.”

When the police go to a hotel, wake up a United States Congressman and say they mistakenly served the warrant for someone else’s arrest, and threaten the Hotel Desk Manager with jail for attempting to maintain the security of the hotel’s guests, the police say they’re “Doing their jobs.” 

We say: “Harassing, disrespecting and dehumanizing an elected official because the elected official is a person of color.”

Feel free to add your own “code word/translation”.

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