People like Glenn Beck and Fox News would have you believe that there’s something sinister about to happen in Washington. What’s sinister is the cynical attempt to thwart good-faith efforts to correct a system that is failing to provide Americans with consumer protections and affordable healthcare.

From the White House, here’s some key numbers on what’s really happening re: American healthcare that the mainstream media is failing to report, choosing instead to focus on the hyperbolic objections and insurance company talking points of conservatives. This is what we’re fighting to fix (set to a trip-hop beat you can dance to):

A few key digits, y’all:

  • 8 = the number of people denied coverage, charged more or discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition every minute
  • 625 =the number of people who lost their health insurance every hour of last year
  • 32,000,000 = that’s the number of Americans who will get health insurance under the President’s plan. [Source: Congressional Budget Office]. Yeah, that’s um…also a little more than the populations of Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and Arizona — COMBINED. [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

Republicans have offered few real solutions to meet the need these numbers show and instead have chosen to make people so afraid that they want to choose the unsatisfactory status quo over legislation that will save lives, jobs and homes. Behind each of these numbers are actual human beings. I went without health insurance for 8 months when I was first launching my business because it was too expensive.

880,00 African-Americans died over the last 10 years because they lacked health insurance and weren’t able to get the care they needed when they needed it.

If you’ve been there or you know someone who’s suffering because the system is broke, I’ve got another number for you:


This is the number for the Capitol Switchboard. Call your Member of Congress today. Right now. This is the zero hour. We’re in the homestretch. Let’s do this and then in the words of Jay-Z — “On To The Next One…”

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