President Obama lists the higher education reforms under the Health Care and Education Affordability Act

The President began his remarks by praising the enactment of landmark health care legislation earlier this week. But, he wasn’t done there. After remarking on health care, the President quickly shifted gears to discuss the reforms that are expected to take place under the reconciliation act that passed this week as well. Specifically, the President listed higher education reforms that are anticipated under the Health Care and Education Affordability Act. Among the benefits, the President spoke of reforms targeted at strengthening the Pell Grant program, and more support for HBCUs:

“To make college more affordable for millions of middle-class Americans for whom the cost of higher education has become an unbearable burden, we’re expanding federal Pell Grants for students: increasing them to keep pace with inflation in the coming years and putting the program on a stronger financial footing. In total, we are doubling funding for the federal Pell Grant program to help students who depend on it.”

The President continued,

“And to ensure that all our students have every chance to live up to their full potential, this legislation also increases support for our Minority Serving Institutions, including our Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to keep them as strong as ever in this new century.”

Check out the rest of President Obama’s address, below:

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