You know a brother wanted to do some fist-pumping last night. But he’s gotta be all presidential and what-not now. So he opted for this moving, restrained shot.

Here’s the caption:

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and senior staff, react in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, as the House passes the health care reform bill, March 21, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Apparently Rahm Emanuel got a hug, a few other people did too AND there was some champagne and club soda.

What I see in our prez’s face though — weary satisfaction, relief and earned emotion. When we started on this quest for healthcare reform in this country with the President, you might remember me saying something like:

“Achieving healthcare reform will be almost as hard for Obama as becoming president.”

And I think I’ve been proven right on that one. Cuz the fight ain’t over. It won’t be over after the Senate votes again. Nor even after the prez finally signs the bill (lord knows I am looking forward to that day). Republicans plan to take the fight to the state level. They want a constitutional challenge and so on.

Don’t matter none — we’ll march on. My feets ain’t no ways tired. Are you with me, JJP?

To quote Jay-Z — “On to the next one.”

I watched the vote live here at home in San Francisco. It was exciting and almost spiritual to watch history take place before my eyes.  Fortunately for me it wasn’t quite as late in the evening as it was for folks on the east coast! The most inspiring thing to me and the testament to why our hope in electing a president like Barack Obama was not misplaced was when the House floor spontaneously erupted in a rhythmic chant and clap of “Yes We Can!”

Yes We Can, indeed, y’all — yes we can change this country to build an even stronger nation with healthier citizens.

Congratulations to President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Members of Congress and you reading this post here at JJP — without you, we could not have gotten this far. This man, this president specializes in doing things that most people think are impossible. Martin may have had a dream — but it’s Barack who has succeeded in manifesting his and our dreams into reality. Together, you, me and Barack — we can turn our Hope into Change.

Here’s the video and transcript (via DKos TV) of Obama’s reaction to the vote last night. A great speech – worth a listen.

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