A lot of you will read the following and say “Yeah dummy, we know. Don’t insult our intelligence thankyouverymuch.” Still, some may find this information useful.

If you did not commit a crime, don’t plead guilty and sign a plea bargain unless, of course, you’re trying to protect someone. You should be especially mindful of not doing this in any circumstance involving the federal government.

Once you put your signature on a plea agreement in which you are willing to accept a reduced sentence in exchange for not getting a lot more time, your sentencing before the judge is not the point at which you should object to what is taking place. The sentencing is where you sniffle tearfully while apologizing to people and appreciating the court’s mercy and all that other stuff.

Monica Conyers appears to have missed this memo, but I figured maybe some other wayward soul could find it useful

Conyers, who is married to U.S. Rep. John Conyers — who was not in court and did not comment — pleaded guilty last summer for her role in a bribery scheme involving a $1.2-billion sludge hauling contract between the city and Texas-based Synagro Technologies.

Conyers is to report to prison July 1.

But, later Wednesday, Conyers filed a notice to appeal and was appointed representation by the Federal Defender’s Office.

Although defendants often are allowed to appeal rulings, there is a question if that applies to Conyers in this case because she signed a plea agreement as part of her admission of guilt on June 22 that indicates if the sentence imposed falls at 60 months or less, “defendant waives any right to appeal her conviction or sentence.”

…What did she think was going to happen? A free pass for having the courage to admit to bribery charges?

FYI, Mrs Conyers: The plea deal is the pass.

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