And he’s right. No one wants or needs to see your ass hanging out of your jeans, be they baggy or skinny.

I won’t lie; I feel like kind of a traitor agreeing so vociferously with this point seeing as it’s borne of the same line of complaint that includes hip hop music and that dang rock n’ roll, but screw it. I don’t care to see a person’s undergarments.

When you sag your pants, however insouciant you may think you’re being, you look like an idiot and that idiocy increases exponentially with age. And no; I’m not talking about the minor, slightly below-the-waist dip. I’m talking about the ass out, I couldn’t make a getaway if I had to sag.

I’m not telling everyone to go grab a pair of Brett Favre Wranglers but I will say this: if your pants don’t need to move for you to drop a deuce, you look like a stupid person.

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