I agree with CPL’s analysis overall of David Frum’s re-emergence on the national scene. She does a great job. The sight of Frum, as a former lead speechwriter for George “The W. Stands For Worst President Ever” Bush, tends to curdle my tummy a little. Yet I had to listen to this clip twice — it’s been a long time since a conservative said something reasoned, non-race-baiting, non-inflammatory, and straight-up non-crazy.

Where did these guys in the GOP go? I mean, I agree on his basic point — we all agree that healthcare needs help even if we might have real disagreements on the ways to help it. AND the Republicans had an opportunity early on to make a deal and chose an antagonistic stance hoping to weaken Obama and hand him his Waterloo.

Who’s Waterloo-boo-hooing now?

Frum is worth a listen if you’re at all nostalgic for a time when folks were able to talk politics without using terms like “nigger” and “socialist” and “Hitler”. The reason progressives have been talking about him is because he’s the first GOPer to make any sense of late. This is a guy I can have a decent argument with! From DKos TV:

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