Once again, black people appear pretty darn level-headed and sensible when you actually talk to them. Though you wouldn’t know it if you talk to Tavis Smiley, of course. From USAToday:

Interviews with two dozen African-Americans last week revealed common themes: Obama is correct to focus on the needs of all Americans. It’s too soon to condemn him for inaction. His emphasis on health care and education will greatly help blacks. Black people should take responsibility for solving their own problems.

And when 2012 comes, they plan to vote for Obama again.

“He’s got bigger fish to fry” than a black agenda, said Beth James Davis, a marketing executive, as she ate dinner in a restaurant near downtown with her husband and two young children. “I’m not saying our fish isn’t big, but he’s got more important battles.”

Shenika Simpson was watching her granddaughter at a playground in her Grier Heights neighborhood, which she described as “drug infested.” An unemployed single mother, Simpson said that Obama “can’t just jump in the chair and fix everything within a year.”

Should Obama do more to specifically help black people? “I feel he is doing it,” Simpson said. “It’s always going to be hard to find jobs. You got to go to school, graduate, do stuff to make it today. You can’t depend on them to do it for you.”

Gianna Butterfield, a graphic designer, said that while groups such as the Black Caucus used to speak for African-Americans, “Now we have Obama, and he seems to be speaking a little better.”

Puts the lie to those who say minorities are just looking for a handout, right? Guess who’s looking a little post-racial, mmm hmm…

I don’t the White House should interpret this as — do whatever you want cuz black folks will vote you anyway. We like Obama in part because, well, a brother gets things done, works hard and looks cool doing it.

In the immortal words (adjusted slightly) of Ludacris:

My prez bad, my prez hood…

My prez do stuff that yo’ [RNC HNIC] wish he could
My prez bad, better than yours
My prez do stuff that I can’t even put in words
His swagga don’t stop…

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